AMAZING UFO VIDEO! UAP drops two objects over Picket Post Mountain in Arizona

On January 22, 2023 at 2:47 PM, a group of hikers were on their way to Picket Post Mountain in Arizona when they noticed an unusual object in the sky. The hikers, who were identified as a sister, father, and the person who reported the sighting, observed the object for about 15 seconds before recording a video of the event. The footage, which was provided to the reporter, shows a small, bright dot in the sky that appears to be stationary at first. The object then drops two “flare-like” objects and then suddenly accelerates at a high speed before disappearing from sight.

The witnesses were unable to identify the object and speculated that it could have been a high-end drone or a helicopter. However, they were convinced that the object’s sudden acceleration was not something that could be explained by any known aircraft. The witnesses were also puzzled by the “flare-like” objects that were dropped by the object, as they were unable to explain what they were.

The sighting took place in an area known for its military and airforce bases, leading some to believe that the object could have been a classified military drone. However, the witnesses’ descriptions and the footage of the object do not match any known military aircraft.

UFO sightings are not uncommon, but the sudden acceleration and the “flare-like” objects dropped by the object in this particular sighting make it unique and intriguing. The stabilized footage provided by the witnesses offers a clear view of the object, but it remains unidentified. The witnesses have expressed their desire to know more about what they saw and have asked anyone with knowledge of the object to come forward with information.

Bellow you can watch original and stabilized footage from this latest UFO sighting!

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