Exoplanets Reveal Our True Ancestors

In 2019, Michel Mayor and his colleague, Jean-Luc Queloz, were awarded a Nobel Prize for their discovery of the first exoplanet. Over 4,000 exoplanets have already been studied and classified, and more are expected to be discovered soon. In addition, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has the capability to take detailed images of exoplanets.

But what will we find when we look upon the images of other worlds, and possibly even the beings that inhabit them? According to ancient astronaut theory, it’s thought that these extraterrestrial beings coming from outside of our solar system were interacting with our society and manipulating our DNA to create people on Earth that look like them.

As we discover more exoplanets, the implications for humanity are enormous. Some believe that we’re on the verge of discovering our home planet and the place of our origins. The big revelation may not be whether they look like us, but rather that we look like them because we are their offspring. The discovery of intelligent alien life forms on exoplanets could cause a sea change in scientific and religious communities all over the world.

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  1. I hope the truth explodes just to see the reaction of the incredulous in any case I am impatient and I wait and again an excellent report

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