On this day in UFO history, a researcher in Yokohama, Japan captured a photograph of a metallic UFO flying above his house


On January 17th, 1957, a UFO was captured on camera by UFO researcher Yusuke J. Matsumura at the Flying Saucer Research group in Japan. The UFO was estimated to be around 20 to 30 feet in diameter and was seen hovering for approximately one to two minutes at a height of 60-70 feet.

Matsumura, who was outside his residence in Yokohama at the time, reported that he was leaving his house to go to Tokyo when he saw a metallic flash just above his house. Quickly, he grabbed his Primoflex Automatic camera and was able to snap a picture of the object before it took off at an estimated Mach 152 in a 70-degree elevation.

The UFO was seen heading in the general direction of Tokyo Bay, southeast of Matsumura’s location. The incident took place at around 13 minutes to 10 in the morning and was reported by the witness to have occurred at 1687 Hama Isogo Ku Yokohama.

The incident, which was captured on camera by Japanese researcher Yasushi Matsumura, is regarded as one of the most credible sightings of UFOs in history. Experts have analyzed the photo and found no evidence of manipulation or tampering.

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