Sydney’s Latest UFO Sighting: Watch the Video of a Speeding, Maneuvering and Accelerating Unidentified Flying Object!

Latest UFO sighting from Sydney, Australia – watch the video bellow!

Residents of Sydney, Australia were recently treated to a spectacular sight when a UFO was spotted and filmed in the city earlier this month. The video, which was published on Twitter, is 13 seconds long and shows the UFO moving at an incredible speed before suddenly stopping and hovering for a few seconds before accelerating away.

Many people are baffled by the sighting, which is one of the latest UFO sightings to be reported around the world. The speed at which the UFO moves is truly spectacular, and it’s difficult to believe that it could be a drone or any other known aircraft.

Although the exact date of the sighting is yet unknown, the video has quickly gone viral on social media and has generated a lot of discussion and speculation about the true nature of the object. Some experts have suggested that it could be a new type of military aircraft, while others believe that it could be an extraterrestrial craft.

Whatever the case may be, this latest UFO sighting in Sydney is sure to have people talking for some time to come. The video is available on twitter and can be viewed to appreciate the spectacular speed of the UFO.

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  1. Wow if I didn’t know better I would say that for the first portion of the video the taker knew exactly where that thing was going! Way to keep it in frame! Either that or it’s FAKED.

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