Mystery Object Shot Down Over Lake Huron

UFO over Lake Michigan
UFO over Lake Michigan

There has been a spike in reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in North American skies. The most recent instance was on Sunday, when a US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object that was flying over Lake Michigan. This is the third time in a row that an aircraft has been forced to shoot down an unidentified object in the region.

Brig. General Pat Ryder, a spokesperson for the Pentagon, stated that the object was not considered a threat, but it was regarded as a flight hazard due to its capabilities. The military is currently working to recover it.

Lakes Huron and Michigan
Lakes Huron and Michigan

Melissa Dalton, the assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense, said that the objects were taken down due to the recent incident involving a Chinese surveillance balloon. She also noted that these types of objects can be used for legitimate research.

The object was reportedly spotted on radar in Montana on Saturday. It was flying at an altitude of 20,000 feet and was described as an “octagonal” object with strings that were hanging off. Although it was not considered a military threat, it was believed that it could have posed a flight hazard to civilians.

Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin of Michigan and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer have both released statements about the incident. Slotkin praised the work of the US Air Force and National Guard pilots who carried out the mission, while Whitmer emphasized the importance of national security and safety, and confirmed that the National Guard was ready to respond.

Elon Musk also posted a Tweet about this in his own style.

This marks the third day in a row that an unidentified object was shot down over North American airspace. On Saturday, an object was shot down over northern Canada, and on Friday, an object was shot down in Alaska airspace.

The recent surge in UFO sightings and incidents has sparked a renewed interest in the mystery surrounding unidentified flying objects. As the Pentagon continues to recover and analyze the objects shot down in recent days, it will be interesting to see what more is learned about these mysterious objects.

UFO filmed over Lake Michigan yesterday!

This object over Lake Michigan was filmed yesterday around noon (12th February) from Grant Park in Chicago. Is this the object that was shoot down over Lake Huron? Leave me your opinions in the comment section below!

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  1. The object in the image at the very top of the page is a tetroon. Don’t thank me, thank the poster who calls himself Bob Lazar, I didn’t know such things existed until identified one in a previous article.

    • Here you go:
      The tetroon is a tetrahedral balloon used for horizontal sounding. It was developed to withstand the extremely low pressures of high-altitude flight; the straight seals joining its four triangular faces are stronger than the curved seals of the more traditionally shaped balloons.

  2. J’ai pas l’impression que ce soit un ovni. Ça bouge pas un vaisseau, ça pas la forme habituelle, bref! Je crois davantage en un truc d’expérimentation de la nasa. Surtout avec les 2 hélico qui volaient tout à côté.

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