Breaking News: Canada Shoots Down Its Own UFO in the Sky!

Canada Shoots Down Its Own UFO
Canada Shoots Down Its Own UFO

On February 11th, 2023, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that the Canadian Forces shot down an unidentified flying object (UFO) over the Yukon Canadian territory. The object was described as high-altitude and the Prime Minister stated that he had spoken with President Biden and that the Canadian Forces would be analyzing the wreckage. The exact nature of the object remains unknown, with the White House referring to it as a “high-altitude object” and National Security Council spokesman John Kirby describing it as the size of a small car. However, unnamed national security sources have described it as cylindrical and silverish-grey, unmanned, and floating, not appearing to be powered by any recognizable aviation systems.

This mysterious event comes shortly after the United States shot down a UFO just outside of Alaska, with President Biden ordering the downing of the object after it was detected and surveilled by U.S. intelligence and military. The object was described as being the size of a small car and floating in the sky.

With UFO sightings on the rise and US Congress taking the matter seriously, this event has sparked the interest of many and the internet is buzzing with conspiracy theories. It’s not surprising that the Roswell incident from 1947, in which a UFO crash was covered up as a weather balloon, has come to mind.

Only time will tell if the government will provide more information about what these objects actually were, but it’s definitely an exciting and mysterious topic to keep an eye on.

UFO shot down
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  1. I hope these are not true aliens, We could really piss them off. We don’t need that. with our “bumbler-in-chief”, he could start a war we would Sherley lose!

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