UFO Sightings near Volcanoes: Exploring the Latest Footage

UFO over Popocatépetl volcano
UFO over Popocatépetl volcano

For years, reports of UFO sightings near volcanoes have been a topic of intrigue and speculation. From Iceland to North America, sightings of unidentified objects around these natural wonders have become increasingly frequent. The latest video to cause a stir is from Mexico, where webcams recorded an unidentified glowing orb appearing to launch from Popocatépetl Volcano, known locally as El Popo.

The phenomenon is not new to Mexico; the country ranks seventh in the world for the number of reported UFO sightings. MJ Banias, a journalist, believes that UFOs may be attracted to volcanoes for camouflage and energy. The heat emitted by the volcano may draw them in, while the cracks and vents provide a place to hide and refuel. Some even believe that the vent is a point of entry and exit for UFOs to use as a base of operations.

In March to May 2021, state cameras over El Popo captured at least five instances of lights flashing above the volcano. The footage raises the question of whether these lights are from Earth or from somewhere else. However, a closer examination of the video suggests that these sightings may not be as mysterious as they first seem.

Rich Hoffman, a specialist in aviation safety, examined the video of the bright light seen over Mexico City and found it to be doubtful that it was a real UFO. The brilliance of the light should have yielded more reports, yet no geologists or residents in the city reported anything. A closer look at the location of the light revealed that it was close to Puebla International Airport, where aircraft are known to turn on their landing lights when they are below 10,000 feet. The speed and flight path of the light also suggested that it could have been a commercial aircraft heading to Cancun.

In contrast, the footage of floating, glowing orbs seen at different times around the volcano is more challenging to explain. Marc D’Antonio, an astronomer and video effects designer, analyzed the video and eliminated the possibility that the objects were embers or fireflies. He concluded that the lights were not of this world, but could not rule out the possibility that they were man-made drones.

While the latest footage of UFO sightings near Popocatépetl Volcano in Mexico is intriguing, the explanation for such sightings may not be as extraterrestrial as some would like to believe. The heat, energy, and cracks from the volcano may attract attention from humans and other organisms, including drones. However, the mystery remains as to what causes the floating, glowing orbs seen on various occasions around the volcano.

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