UFO Sightings Video: UAP’s Harnessing Energy from Electrical Storms over Austin, Texas

UFO sighting over Austin, Texas
UFO sighting over Austin, Texas

A recent UFO sighting in Austin, Texas on May 5th, 2022, has sparked new theories about extraterrestrial life and their interaction with Earth’s natural phenomena. A witness captured two UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) on video while filming a time-lapse of a storm over the Austin airport. The witness noticed two objects on the video that were not visible to the naked eye at the time of filming, leading to the theory that they were cloaked.

One of the objects was flying directly into the electrical storm, and it was only visible on the video, which the witness assumes was due to the object being cloaked. The other object was stationary and pulsated to the rhythm of the lightning storm, increasing its brightness as if it was harnessing the energy from the lightning. The witness ended the video with the other object flying towards the stationary object.

UFO sighting witness report
UFO sighting witness report

This sighting has sparked new theories about UAPs and their relationship with Earth’s natural phenomena. Some UFO experts believe that UAPs are using the energy from natural events, such as lightning storms, to fuel their ships. The witness’s video shows a picture of a lightning strike on one of the objects, which could indicate that the object has a force field, further strengthening the theory that UAPs are technologically advanced beings.

However, despite the compelling evidence, many people remain skeptical of the witness’s claims. Skeptics argue that the video could be fake, or that the objects captured in the video are some sort of natural phenomenon.

In conclusion, the recent UFO sighting in Austin, Texas, has sparked new debates and theories about UAPs and their interaction with Earth’s natural phenomena. Although the evidence is compelling, more research is needed to determine the truth behind this and other UFO sightings.

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  1. Once again, a fuzzy video about a serious topic and a fuzzy theory about UFOs tapping power from electrical storms without evidence. This video does not provide evidence to support the theory. Despite the writer’s comment that the video provides compelling evidence, the video does not show any compelling evidence. First of all, it shows a fuzzy white object entering a cloud; that’s all. Using the same fuzzy logic, planes enter electrical storm clouds, therefore they are harnessing the power of the electrical storm. It can’t be seen of course, but that doesn’t stop people from ‘theorizing’. In my humble opinion, the ‘theorist’ needs to go back to school, graduate, then go to university and graduate with a research degree before they again say anything about UFOs.

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