In the heart of Europe: Nearly half of Slovenians believe in UFOs!

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Slovenia is a remarkable small but mighty nation known for its diverse landscapes and rich culture. From the stunning Julian Alps and picturesque Lake Bled to the bustling streets of its capital, Ljubljana, the country combines natural beauty with historic charm. As a progressive society with a high standard of living, Slovenia is also recognized for its innovative spirit and forward-thinking population. It is within this intellectually vibrant setting that a captivating public opinion has emerged – a considerable portion of the Slovenian population believes in the existence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)

Nearly half of the Slovenian population believes in the existence of UFOs. This fact emerged as NASA recently spoke openly for the first time about the UFO phenomenon, as they referred to it. Interestingly, they received about 800 reports of UFO sightings last year, with only about 40 considered to be suspicious.

The belief in UFOs is not limited to the United States, where a significant number of people already believe in their existence. A recent online survey revealed that almost half of Slovenians also share this belief. This fascination reflects the famous saying from the legendary series, ‘The X-Files’ – “The truth is out there.

The X-Files, one of the most successful series dealing with unidentified flying objects and the existence of extraterrestrial beings, foregrounded conspiracy theories and the belief that the government is hiding the existence of UFOs. Despite concluding in 2018, the show’s impact is still evident in the sustained interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

According to a January report from the Pentagon, UFO sightings have been on the rise since 2021. The US Department of Defense established a division last year for the analysis and collection of data on UFO encounters. Furthermore, NASA initiated a comprehensive study last year on unidentified flying objects and other phenomena that cannot be easily explained. The first findings of this study were reported last week.

According to a 2021 Pew Research Center study, around 65% of Americans believe in the existence of intelligent beings on other planets, and 51% consider unidentified flying objects reported by military personnel as proof of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Regarding Slovenian perceptions of this phenomenon, a survey commissioned by National Geographic showed that 48% of Slovenians believe in the existence of UFOs, while 37% do not. According to the survey, this belief is more common among men, with 55% affirming their belief in UFOs, compared to 41% of women. Older respondents were more inclined to believe in the existence of UFOs than younger ones.

Interestingly, 5% of the surveyed Slovenians claim to have seen a UFO or have had contact with extraterrestrial beings. This percentage increases slightly (8%) among people aged 40 to 49.

Regarding evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations, 54% of respondents believe such evidence exists, 33% disagree, and 13% are undecided.

One question in the survey asked whether contact with a UFO could pose a danger or benefit to humanity. A third (32%) believe that contact with UFOs could offer benefits but also pose dangers. 16% believe the contact would be more beneficial than dangerous, and 12% believe the opposite. Interestingly, men and older participants more often believe that humanity would benefit. Among younger respondents (18 to 29 years), more people believe that such contact would pose more danger (19%) than benefits (12%).

The survey also asked about the government’s policy on UFOs. A whopping 65% believe that the government should collect and disclose information about UFOs. 13% believe the government should collect but not disclose UFO information, a stance more supported by younger people (18 to 39 years). Only 5% believe that the government should not collect data on UFOs.

The Slovenian perspective on UFOs mirrors a global fascination with this phenomenon and the potential existence of extraterrestrial life. As further investigations into unidentified aerial phenomena unfold, the “truth” that “is out there” may soon be within our grasp.

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  1. on january 16th 2023 I was driving on the alaska hiway when i seen these lights off to my left thought thats strange shouldnt be planes here but one never knows i continued another half kilometer then this huge craft with intense row of lights rectangular about guessing 15 ft wide by 30ft high thats just the lights before I had time to grab my phone the lights started going out as they went out the craft disappeared it was mere seconds i had to see it ……In 2001 emerald lk yukon 10:15am we were building a log cabin by the lake i was on the picnic table when i noticed an orb flying towards the job site I was shouting do you see it do you see it and in that short of time it came over the trees and gone. Do i believe in ufo alein life ubet

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