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Strange Orb over Norway

January 2, 2010 LUFOS 0

Strange moving orb was recorded in the east sky over Samnanger – Bergen, Norway on January 1st, 2010 at 11:15 pm.

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Cigar shaped UFO over Germany

December 30, 2009 LUFOS 3

Remarkable cigar-shaped UFO footage from Aufnahme, Germany recorded on 29th December 2009. What do you think it is? Cylinder shaped ovni. LUS 2010 Latest UFO […]

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Strange craft over Marseille

December 26, 2009 LUFOS 1

Footage of unknown object in the sky over Marseille, France recorded on 25th December 2009. Latest UFO sightings. ovni avvistamento. New videos. fake planes- chemtrails.