Inteligent UFO filmed over military base in Mexico?

TV report by Jaime Maussan and Fernando Correa about the strange UFO activity over military base in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico on 14th April 2012.

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  1. Oh come on, that "UFO" at 3:00 that is 'peeking through the window' in Russia? How stupid do you think I am? That is quite obviously an LED torch reflecting on the window pane from within the house, behind the camera. So stupid. You can see it change shape from circular to oval as it's moving around. People, seriously..

    • Dear Anonymous of May 9, 2012:<br /> Your statement &quot;How stupid do you think I am&quot;? makes me think that you are very narrow minded. I don&#39;t think this UFO site is here just for you, and your personal judgments. It does not matter if the &quot;UFO&quot; your refering to is a reflection of a LED, or a entire happy family of GREY aliens. What this site and many others try to do is just

    • *sigh* I was merely referring to that ONE clip of the LED torch reflecting in the window that some fool has set up to trick people. I&#39;m not dismissing the possibility of life or intelligence outside of Earth or UFO&#39;s whatsoever and I wholeheartedly believe that we are not alone in the universe.<br /><br />However, when a video is posted that is so obviously homemade filler on this or any

    • it&#39;s clearly an multi-LED light of some sort, are you blind or just delusional dave How did such a fake vid find its way onto thisy here site? Usually its quite a reputable source but I call BS on that torch in the ref;ection

  2. looks pretty much as a fireball (a type of a lightning), but moves intelligently.. a micro-technology ET&#39;s?

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