Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inteligent UFO filmed over military base in Mexico?

TV report by Jaime Maussan and Fernando Correa about the strange UFO activity over military base in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico on 14th April 2012.


  1. Government drones maybe ?

  2. Oh come on, that "UFO" at 3:00 that is 'peeking through the window' in Russia? How stupid do you think I am? That is quite obviously an LED torch reflecting on the window pane from within the house, behind the camera. So stupid. You can see it change shape from circular to oval as it's moving around. People, seriously..

    1. Dear Anonymous of May 9, 2012:
      Your statement "How stupid do you think I am"? makes me think that you are very narrow minded. I don't think this UFO site is here just for you, and your personal judgments. It does not matter if the "UFO" your refering to is a reflection of a LED, or a entire happy family of GREY aliens. What this site and many others try to do is just get to the truth about what UFOs represent. After all Air Force Regulation 200-2 and *JNAP-146 were not written for fun. Im sure that anyone that would start a blog stating "HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK I AM" must be on the bottom of the moron scale. So I would say "PRETTY STUPID" *JNAP Stands for Joint NAVE, AIR FORCE, ARM PUBLICATION 146. Along with it's Air Force Regulation 200-2, They both basical state "ANY MILITARY ACTIVE MILITARY PERSONEL REPORTING A UFO TO THE MEDIA OR PRESS CAN BE FIND UP TO $5,000.00 AND SPEND UP TO 25 Years in Jail, because going to the media violates the United States Esponage Act. This was passed in 1952 under then President Harry Truman. I feel that you ANONYMOUS judge the entire UFO cover up by one possible fake , or reflection of a light, which you think is a LED. You may be quite right. Now please explain each video ever taken, Than we will all will figure out HOW STUIPID DO YOU THINK WE ARE, OKAY?

      YUCAIPA, CA 92399

    2. *sigh* I was merely referring to that ONE clip of the LED torch reflecting in the window that some fool has set up to trick people. I'm not dismissing the possibility of life or intelligence outside of Earth or UFO's whatsoever and I wholeheartedly believe that we are not alone in the universe.

      However, when a video is posted that is so obviously homemade filler on this or any other website, it insults my intelligence as should it yours.

      Sadly, rubbish videos such as the one I've referenced are detracting away from FAR more important sightings and it plunges the subject of UFO's deeper into the rut of disrepute and ridiculte it currently dwells within.

      So how stupid do I think people for believing in UFO's are? Not stupid at all. HOWEVER, I find anyone who defends such obviously fake videos with huge, long-winded replies so INCREDIBLY stupid that it sickens me, NOT the subject of UFO's itself.

      So, don't try to argue with me about this, it's a fooish thing to argue about on your part. Clearly I've touched a nerve with you (most likely because you're an argumentative, touchy prat) and it's pretty obvious you are arguing on the principle alone. That is the act of a stupid TROLL.

    3. it's clearly an multi-LED light of some sort, are you blind or just delusional dave How did such a fake vid find its way onto thisy here site? Usually its quite a reputable source but I call BS on that torch in the ref;ection

  3. it's a Fake,.... a small Flashlight behind a Window...

  4. looks pretty much as a fireball (a type of a lightning), but moves intelligently.. a micro-technology ET's?


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