Cameron Diaz’s UFO encounters

Cameron Diaz UFOs

Covino & Rich Show on  SIRIUS XM Radio. Famous hollywood actor Cameron Diaz shares two stories of her personal close encounters with an unidentified flying objects!

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  1. I am an amateur astronomer, a ham radio operator and a practitioner of the scientific method with a need to avoid jumping to conclusions, and to constrain my conclusions to the ascertainable facts at hand. I have had two experiences where I saw something that I am at a loss to explain, one of them up close, and unmistakeably not a convetional aircraft. After this I concluded that when someone says they saw something like a flying saucer I have to believe that there was something like it to see. My up close view did not reveal a “Built by Zork Spaceframes,” logo as it were so I can’t conclude that it was alien hardware I was looming at, but I can say that something is occationaly there to be seen.

  2. Wow, David, really going out on a limb there! Lol! Just kidding witcha!
    You’d probably understand my post on NUFORC, from Sept 3rd, 2012, 4:45 pm, Irvine, CA. Fantastical sighting, with logical analysis. Check it out!

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