The Legend of the Underground Reptilian city of Los Angeles

lizard people la

During the golden age of pirates and treasure hunters in the year 1800’s, maps became precious and significant to point out exactly the locations of hidden, buried and sunken valuable artifacts and wealth of magnificent proportions.

On January 29, 1934, a perfect resemblance of the Hollywood film Indiana Jones and National Treasures has surfaced along with the legend of a fearsome creature that is said to dwell the earth inside a hidden underground city in downtown Los Angeles.

lizard people

A mining engineer named G. Warren Shufelt allegedly met a wise old Hopi Indian man named “Little Chief Greenleaf” who told the story of an ancient city of the lizard people or “reptilians” as we know today. According to Little Chief, an ancient reptilian race who are highly intelligent and scientifically advanced than modern humans have taken refuge under hidden cities around the Pacific coast, one in Los Angeles and another in Mt. Shasta. Together with these ambiguous beings were mammoth quantities of treasures, gold and other valuable which lie hundreds of feet below. The busy and unsuspecting city did not know about this until Little Chief relates the story to Shufelt. That same year, Shufelt and his small crew made efforts to make a map of the underground tunnels using a “radio X-ray” and so the legend of the “lizard people” has begun.

lizardsShufelt’s started to map the ground from the public library of West Fifth Street to Southwest of Museum Drive extending to Mt. Washington in Los Angeles. The results of the mapping gave him a network of tunnels which look just like a maze going to unknown directions. The legend said that the underground dwellings were purposely built to shelter the reptilian race from a great inferno catastrophe that came from the southwest of their land which scorched everything in its path about 5000 years ago. The underground city is a means to escape another catastrophic fire in the future. The Hopi Indian said that the reptilians mastered and perfected a special chemical which can melt both soil and bedrock. This chemical was used in building an underground city, then the chemical is drained into the ocean to create passages that leads to the sea. The tides passing in and out of the lower sea tunnels forces cold water and air to flow into the upper passages providing a well ventilated, sanitized and cleansed halls and labyrinths.

The city has dome structures similar to a tall building and has the capacity to house 1000 families. There are rooms that are also capable of storing loads of food supplies and a variety of herbs are made available too to sustain life for a long span of time if the next fire sweeps over the earth again.

Records encrypted in gold tablets about the ancient reptilians and the origin of humankind is thought to be kept in the hidden rooms of the underground city. Shufelt said that he possess evidence of these gold tablets which one include a record from the Mayan civilization.

Concerns of the ground caving-in never stopped Shufelt to drill a 350 feet hole in the ground of Ft. Moore Hill where he believe a treasure room can be found. Shufelt mysteriously vanished and was never seen again in the face of the planet leaving any trace but his famous map of the underground city.

If the ancient underground city of the reptilians still remained unearthed until today, could it be possible that there are still surviving reptilians who live in the underground city? Or have they found a better way of hiding in plain sight and live again above the earth together with us humans?

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  1. Research a fellow named Phil Schneider, and you will see there is more facts to this belief. Sad he was assassinated tho, kinda see a pattern to people disappearing because they felt a need to disclose.

  2. Interesting theory. Hard to take seriously however. Your grammar is terrible, I found so many mistakes in your writing that it was difficult to read. Please proofread and edit prior to publishing.

  3. I do believe in ufos, becuase I have seen a fleet of about five in a triangle. This was back in the 70 me and about five friends of mine were outside when one of my friend said look up at those lights. It seems they were checking us out. then when we all looked they just where gone in a blink of an eye. Heading west towards the pacific. We all made a pleage not to say anything about it to no one. Manny from Chula Vista Calif.

  4. I believe in the reptilians as I have seen one.Back in the 60’s when I was a child my whole family of 7 saw it and we all still remember it clearly.But the truth is it didn’t seem to be something that would hurt us.It really just seemed lost.

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