First German 2015 crop circles

Germany crop circle

Here’s the latest crop circle report from Gropiusstadt, a locality within the Berlin borough in Germany. This formation was found on 18th May 2015

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  1. I think they are trying to tell us something ?
    But what it is ? Well I for one do not speak Circles ?
    So I have no idea what they are telling us ?

  2. I wonder what are this crop circles around the world represent?
    Mayme alians what to let us knows somenthing or they try in a way we do not understand to contact humans?
    I do not get to know the meaning?
    Perhaps some day they decide to let us know?
    However, I find it amazing and nobody see them whe they do it. I guess they go very quick. Just amazing!

  3. While I believe there are some that are made from life that doesn’t exist on our blue planet, most of these crop circles now are man made. It seems the more we find and hear about complex circles, they are a dead give away that they are made by man. Man wants to be the best, so he makes a competition out of the crop circles. However, I do find that one of the crop circles discovered is definitely alien made. The Rosewell Rock is conformation that it and the identical crop circle had to be made by another form of life not of this planet. The history of this rock and then comparing the same design to the crop circle is incredible. Their is definitely something to this.

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