UFO Alien Abduction Case: Still Bothers Travis Walton

Tavis Walton

The most prolific abduction case in the history of ufology is the kidnapping case of Travis Walton, which happened more than 35 years ago. His disappearance has caused a hurricane of news controversy, reports, and skepticism. Throughout his entire adult life, Walton carried the emotional burden and the incident, for the most part, is his solo journey. Of course, there is no concrete evidence that an extraterrestrial spacecraft has abducted anyone. But it is beyond one’s control if one person claims that he or she has been kidnapped.

The Abduction Incident

The event began on November 5, 1975, Walton at 22 years old. He was employed by Mike Rogers, who had a contract for nine years with the United States Forest Service. Walton and Rogers were best friends. On November 5, after 6 p.m. Rogers and his crew said they saw a huge golden disc soaring above a shining and clearing brightly. The men in truck reported that Walton was below when the disc-shaped object began making noises. Walton rose his foot into the air, with his extremities outstretched. The 1978 book entitled “The Walton Experience,” Walton told his extraordinary experience. The book became a film in 1993 entitled “Fire In The Sky.”

The Abduction Details

He revealed his terrifying experience when “non-human” beings abducted him, and his fear and suffocation feelings have unfolded. He claimed that he saw the face of the non-human creature, which are smaller than people, which is hard to control. He even concluded that the size might be the reason they have given up.

Walton was declared missing for five days, and during that time, his co-loggers buddies have faced foul play suspicions. When Walton came back without knowing how long he stayed in the alien’s life, there were loads of intense investigation, including multiple physical, psychological and polygraph tests. To celebrate the 40th anniversary, Walton will be speaking in Arizona at the November Skyfire Summit.

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  1. I’ll be attending the annual Joshua Tree convention in May 2015. One of the biggest UFO Conventions with great keynote speakers. One of the speakers, will be Travis Walton. I’ve always been intrigued with his story. I’m also very, very sure his experience, if in fact is true, will haunt him forever. Memories, I am sure he’d love to erase.

  2. What terrible writing in this article: “Walton rose his foot into the air, with his extremities outstretched”
    – How could he “rise his foot into the air” if his “extremities (were) outstretched?”
    I think you meant to write, “Walton rose a foot into the air, with his extremities outstretched..”


  3. . I was around in the USA When it happened , I believed Walton then , and i do now . And we all know for sure , when we meet in heaven. this man has suffered enough . . Go to my website . I have pictures there . of me walking , with my spirit walking behind me . filmed by 2 unmanned cameras . more pictures , and films of spirits . And many alien spirits as well . And The mediums higher self is showing also. . Go to Sylvias Howards Medium corner on my website . Also watch those very many ufo movies there . art

    • art. which site do i open? there are many art bosman’s. can you please be more specific? send me your address to mine up there. i am very interested in seeing your spirit walking behind you.

  4. I myself was abducted in 1978- i would love Travis Walton to contact me,i experience a entiti with no face like a image talking to me i new the voice and the entiti new me and everything about me ,so i don’t know what so special about me probly i will find out,and a message in the cropcircle and the return of the entiti time traveller in a triangle space ship to see me again.

  5. I saw Walton on one of those “ufo/paranormalk chaser” tv shows where he took them back to the site where it actually happened and he flat out did not want to stay there because it was getting on dusk at the time. He’s clearly been traumatized by this incident.

  6. I wish people will start to believe that UFO’s are out there. How many more people will have to come forward with their sightings and abductions before the officials who know about this will tell the truth.

  7. I heard he was high on crystal meth and and was hiding out for 5 days that’s why he had no food or water in his system – being serious I was at little ale inn and girl worked in their told me that was one of the rumours !!!!!!
    That’s what I was told plus the guy who he fell out with-it was his place he stayed at the UFO story snowballed out of proportion this is what I was told she sounded pretty convincing travis was at the little ale inn months before we were their !!!!!! I am a believer in ufos and stuff but some famous UFO story’s are made up and get there own life and grow and grow this could be one of them !!!!

  8. I believe this 100%. Ive seen 2 ufo’s in my life. people can say it was a weather balloon but no balloon moved like they did. It was in 1971 in ft myers fl. We were scared to death and hurried home. never will forget !

  9. I was in the us army in enland whin I saw what a ufo did 1.5 nuk it was not a nuk no more. and all on the bass was the same way thay all when back to the usa to test and was not hot no more we can not find thay have bend hot all of us on the bass no what it was all 15 was put out the army and airf whit pay to say not one thing now I now we are not the ones that did it. if you look at 51 it not if you look at the greman you may find it thay have what you look for you can not see frome sky you can not see it frome the sea it old it new thay have 12 not all can go to it 1944 it was and is to day look not at 51 as you look at one hand it in the pocket

  10. A “huge golden disc”? The witnesses said it was only 15 feet in diameter. Of course, there’s no evidence the object was a an alien spacecraft, so perhaps it was a man-made hoax; assembled from a ‘Giant Hot-Air Flying Saucer Kit'(see Popular Mechanics 1970)- staged to fool the guys in the truck. That would explain why they passed their polygraph tests, and why Travis failed his first test, and why the psychiatrist said his abduction story was all in his own mind, and why the sheriff said law-enforcement a victim of a fraud.

    • And then some former cast members of The X-Files staged the rest of the story using a with a ufo sound stage complete with aliens and hologram room with a Captains chair. Some skeptics will just go out of their way to prove they’re “right”

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