Interview Of Man Who Recived Instruction To Build A Time Machine From Aliens

George Van Tassel

Date June 18 1964 Jack Webster interviews George Van Tassel, who claims to have been visited by aliens on flying saucers that used anti-gravity technology. During the interview Van Tassel discusses the formula for time travel taught to him on a visit to a UFO.

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  1. Love the reporter and his wonderful accent.
    Van Tassel sounds so reasonable, (but so do a lot of aberrant people).
    However who can say whether he saw what he saw. I don’t know what to think. From what I have read, so called Aliens can be very devious, with their own agenda.

  2. The reporter is very skepticle, and rightly so , but does not seem to have an open mind.What happened to this Van Tassel guy?

  3. Watching Mr Van Tassel, I found his responses and actions that of a man telling the truth (at least as he knows it).

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