Cyclist Films UFOs Above A Cornfield In Krakow, Poland


A video showing bizarre lights in the sky left viewers baffled. It was unknown as to when the video was taken, but apparently recorded in the month of September 2015 and posted in December of the same year.

According to the report, a man riding his bicycle noticed some very strange lights in the sky in front of him. The lights appeared over a cornfield in Krakow, Poland.

After cleaning up the pixelated video, it somehow shows a foggy ground. The footage reveals five lights with another larger one, much more visible in the sky – possibly the moon.

It’s difficult to determine the lights’ identity because of the shakiness of the bicycle ride and the movement of the lights.

The cyclist appears to leave the main road and ride into the corn plants. It is also hard to determine whether the cyclist leaves the path to get a better view of the lights, or he just lost his balance.

Some say the lights are balloons, but their movement seems to rule this out. Observe the video and tell us what you think in the comment section.

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  1. As one of the lights passes over his head, you can hear the whine from the rotor motors. Small drones fitted with LED’s is my opinion.

  2. Putting certainly fake videos this site and asking to us if it is real is rediculous. Not discredits real videos and UFO truth but also discredits this website. Please stop!

  3. Don’t know about the lights, but if it took that long to “regain” control of the bicycle, he needs to put the training wheels back on!

  4. Could be drones, but I don’t put a lot of stock in that explanation, or any for that matter. If drones, then the operator was sure excellent beyond any thought. I didn’t hear or see anything fly over his head. The moon? If ufo’s then what was their mission?

  5. I think those lights flying over that field are drones, if you put attention it´s easy to ear a soft sound from the airscrews.

  6. Those were not drones, I heard nothing as someone said they heard the rotor, I didn’t, I listened very hard and heard nothing. It seems like the one that flew close to him was observing him, when he started to walk toward them it flew back with the rest of them and they disappeared. If they were drones, where did they go? I’m not so sure this was fake folks.

    • don’t be dense. alot of people have cameras at the ready for anything. it could have been a GoPro cam on his headband or anything. i am a cyclist and i film alot of my rides.

  7. FWIW, the drone explanation is very unlikely, I fly quite a lot with mine and have a good understanding of the technology behind.
    We don’t fly much at night time, and the FPV (first person view) video channels overlaps quite easily on the small radio band allowed. Flying 5 drones at the same time at night is quite a challenge, not impossible, but quite difficult.
    We also use multi-colored Led systems heavily in order to have a visual cue on the orientation. I can’t see these usual colors on this video.
    Most of all, flying 5 Drones at night in a corn field is not impossible, but somehow pointless from a drone enthusiast perspective. Flying a drone on a corn field is a lot of risk since you don’t have much chance to find it if you loose control and crash (even at short distance)
    The video could be CGI but I’m pretty sure it ‘s not a drone “ballet dancing”

    • i’m pleased with your comment, as you are an experienced drone flyer and know what you are talking about. this is an astonishing film and i think the man has captured something genuine. i bet anything that the next day there was a crop circle there. he should have gone back in the day and checked it out. we’ll never know now will we?

  8. this is by far the best and most genuine ufo film i’ve ever seen, and i’m including all sites i’ve been to. this man has been at the right place at the right time and extremely fortunate for everyone to have had a camera. it’s truly so very genuine. i watch it over and over and my opinion is that i cannot see anything fake about it. what’s also great is that he caught it far to his left, almost out of the picture, when the light energies saw him. it’s magical, and really peaceful, there’s no threat. the one observing closer just blows me away. i hope to see this one day too.

  9. Humildemente y muy respetuosamente solicito como embajador planetario d la raza humana y comandante de los ejercitos universales intervencion humanitaria pacifica/diplomatica inmediata en los conflictos que se desarrollan y l@s intermediarios no se ponen d acuerdo y resuelven sus diferencias.

  10. Lights are halogen bright. Compare to city lights. Heard no noise, but can hear the crunching of rock under bike tires. Bugs coming off corn crop. Didn’t seem to be CGI. Interesting!

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