Ring-shaped UFO over Sydney, Australia


Here’s one new footage of a ring-shaped object hovering in the daytime sky above Sydney in Australia. This video was taken on 6th March 2016.

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  1. after 2 minutes and 41 seconds where i almost didn’t want to watch because the intro is fancy and long, the first thing we see is a plane. when you zoom in we can all see that it’s simply a plane. the second film is also a plane. are you a child new to the world? i mean really, is this a school project or something? the third object IS travelling horizontally, and looks like a mylar balloon. you can’t know that you are looking at something cruising higher than a 747 jet. and you certainly wouldn’t see it that closely.

  2. WTF!! UFO’s dont have con-trails… This is just JACK-ASS reporting. I guess they’ve never seen a plane or balloon!!LMAO

  3. The comments that dismiss this video demonstrate the lack of knowledge of simple physics and propulsion this audience has. I wont bother explaining to a group of know nothing alls. Take a better look at that video and the opinion polls.

    • Oh please do. Go on, force yourself to speak to us plebes Know-nothings and tell us, oh know everything one, all about simple physics, so we will know as much as you.

  4. Gee, I guess all those things that fly over my place ( in a flight path) that leave water vapour trails- must be flying saucers! Here was silly me thinking they were 747s!

  5. A ring shaped Mylar Balloon that flies vertical against the wind, You wannabe
    aerospace engineers might want to try testing your explanations prior to proving your idiots.

  6. Oh, the music, the voices, the drama of it all!
    It could be a balloon or some weird contraption, but how do you know it’s flying against the wind? And is there any need for rudeness?
    everyone has an opinion and is entitle to express it, politely.

  7. So there we have it , experts in the universe, reliant upon scraps of knowledge derived from newspapers and Government denial campaigns. I find it amusing most of the chat here relates to the video music track and invisible / transparent aircraft which I have yet to travel on or know which airport they originate from.
    The time will come soon enough when you suddenly begin to fear the fact you are more likely wrong about everything and pretend you never said anything about the subject which proves your basic at best understanding of quantum mechanics, string theory and the latest scientific theories which the brightest minds of our era propose.
    Better get up to speed and start reading the latest news folks.

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