Triangle-shaped craft in the sky above Arroyo Grande, California 24-Mar-2016


Check out this interesting video of a triangular-shaped UFO with a flashing lights. This was seen and recorded over Arroyo Grande, a city in San Luis Obispo County, California on 24th March 2016.

Witness report: I live out in the country there’s a large eucalyptus trees all around I’ve seen these trees many times before and never noticed any flashing lights I was on my deck taking my laundry downstairs to do it and noticed two blue flashing lights I got closer and I noticed two red flashing lights in my line of sight there was one blue light at 12 o’clock one at 6 o’clock when I got closer underneath the tree I saw one red light at 12 o’clock and one red light at 6 o’clock The blue lights one on top was flashing the bottom was not both red lights where not flashing. I thought to myself it might be a drone that landed in the treetop or possibly a bird nested with something that was making these lights. I watch these objects for three hours from 7 PM to 10:30 PM March 24, 2016 about 10:26 they disappeared and it’s now 11:19 and still looking out for the lights I will continue As a follower of Mufon I understand and believe in this to be fact and I’m alway on the lookout for such. I attached some videos that I took with my cell phone I apologize for the swearing

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. you can hear drones as they are loud. did you hear it? also, what is that white light to the left of it and down? is it a star? is the object just hovering?

  2. The UFO sightings are real. I am from San Luis Obispo. They minipulated dna and impregnated women.The children were born were to become wealthy have extra insight to lead the cleanup of this planet then into peaceful exploration into other worlds. They used Hopi bloodline DNA since it is still very much pure. Only problem these children will experience some of the frailties cancer and more. Giving them ability to empathize. These crafts are showing up to fix or heal some of these children accordingly.

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