Best-Documented UFO Case: Canadas’s Falcon Lake Incident


As implausible as it may at first have seemed, the extraterrestrial phenomenon appears to be going mainstream today. According to the Canadian UFO Survey, approximately 1,131 reports were officially filed in 2016. Without a doubt, Canada also is considered a hotspot for UFOs. Among the sightings, the Falcon Lake incident has been considered as the best documented alien case so far even if it occurred 50 years ago.

stefan-michalakStan Michalak, who was nine years old at that time, recalls an incident that took place in the Falcon Lake in Manitoba on the weekend of 1967 when his dad came home injured and ill.He described his father as pale and haggard. When he walked into the bedroom, he smelt a huge stink like a real horrible aroma of burnt motor and sulphur. His father named Stefan Michalak was working as an industrial mechanic at the same time an amateur geologist who liked to explore the wilderness around Falcon Lake. On May 20, 1967, the 51-year-old Stefan was near a vein of quartz when he was startled by a gaggle of geese that erupted in a clattering of honks. According to his accounts, he looked up and saw two cigar-shaped objects with a reddish glow soaring about 45 metres away.

One descended to land on a flat section of rock, while the other remained in the air for a few minutes before it flew off. He also noticed a door open with bright lights inside and heard voices by the sounds from the spacecraft. When he touched the craft, the glove’s fingertips were melted. He was then injured, disoriented, and nauseous. He was then treated for burns to his stomach and chest that later turned into raised sores on a grid-like pattern. Stan Michalak said that if his dad has hoaxed the encounter, remember that the latter was talking about a blue-collar, industrial mechanic, which is hard to perceive in a typical person.

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