Amazing UFO filmed over Mojave Desert, California – December 2018

Strange bright orbs were filmed in the sky above Mojave Desert, California. Filmed in December 2018.

Witness report: Major sighting… clear video footage of light orbs in desert, disappear into thin air. They appeared suddenly, out of the blue after a group meditation at Crystal Hill at Giant Rock. This is the last few seconds caught just before they disappeared. It was stunning, and beautiful. Following a group meditation, as we walked down Quartz Crystal Hill at Giant Rock in the Mojave Desert, these light orbs suddenly appeared.

Author (Victora C @ youtube)

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      • VimanaPilot….you are exactly right. This is my video footage….I saw this with my own eyes. They did not fluctuate they did not leave trails of smoke (those are roads on the mtns in background) they did not move up down or even sideways…..they appeared, multiplied, divided, disappeared and re appeared all in the exact same place..they hovered just above the ground, not anywhere up in the sky, not high up where a flare would even be dropped…flares fall downward, these did not. They just appeared and disappeared one by one as my video shows, which was at the very end of the sighting. I have other footage and pics as well as friends of mine who were also there. It was quite and amazing sighting and if we all did MUFON reports that would be awesome, but most of my friends there don’t seem to interested in pursuing that. I will share it with them at some point. But the form to fill out is so freaking lengthy….I keep putting it off. Anyway….it was exciting and special to say the least.

    • I am the person who shot this video….in mojave, and posted on youtube. They are NOT flares….flares respond to gravity. These lasted for about a minute, and I have another video from earlier in the sighting….this is from the end. They NEVER moved up OR down. They simply and suddenly appeared, then some disappeared (in the same place they were), then re appeared, and one of them even split into two. There were 25 people there all who witnessed this. It was right after we had meditated together (higher consciousness) upon crtysal quartz hill, and were walking back down the hillside. I looked to my right and saw these had appeared out of thin air directly across from us….suspended above the ground, though never high up in the air where a plane would be flying. There were no smoke trails…those are roads on the mountains behind. They are present before and after. I literally questioned the existence of alien life during my meditation, and even asked, silently, for them to make an appearance if they do indeed exist. I got my answer loud and clear…..YES, they do. I also felt this was a very friendly appearance, directly in response to our group. It was like they said “HELLO, we heard you”….it is my voice in the clip saying “They heard us”, because intuitively I knew that they did.

  1. I’ve said it before and I’m sayin’ it once more. I believe these sightings that are being made worldwide belong to American “assets” which means our country has reverse engineered these craft from downed extraterrestrial vehicles. IMHO

  2. dear owner of this site. i think you will have to shut it down. too many fake vids, obvious drone vids and vids with easy explanations. drones have basically ruined any ufo videos now.

    • I guess people have to experience and see it for themselves. I was the one who posted this video, it is my footage…I was there….NOT FLARES, NO WAY were they drones. But I don’t need to convince you folks. Just sharing what I saw, what happened. To each his own in terms of belief. I sent this video directly to my boyfriend exactly after it happened, and even he was like Is that REAL? Though he knew where I was (out in the mojave for the day), and knew I was out meditating with a group. And to be honest….when you see something like this in person, even though you see it with your very own eyes, at the same time your mind (mine at least) cannot fully grasp what is happening. It was truly an AMAZING experience. My friends who were there also have video footage from this sighting at different stages, as some folks had their phones already on, and camera’s easy to access, but mine was off when they appeared, and I had to wait for my phone to turn on, load up, and find the camera icon….which was all quite difficult because I was so excited and enthralled at what was before my eyes. Truth.

      • You’ve now joined the millions of us who now the truth and have seen it with our own eyes. It may be government vehicles, because they have captured and reverse engineered crafts over the years. Nonetheless the truth is that ET’s have been here for millenia and use the earth (and us) for various purposes. Consider however, what would happen if the government simply disclosed the truth – it would be the immediate and systematic crumbling of the worlds financial, religious and political systems, and creation of mass hysteria and anarchy, which would be uncontrollable. You have your proof and you now know the truth, but getting it out there is a lot more difficult than you thought right? I’ve tried myself, not worth teaching the ignorant. Use the knowledge to keep yourself safe and informed. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I’ve had more than a few experiences/sightings starting in November of 2011. During my 2nd, on 11/18/2011 I saw a huge biological entity over my home in Corona, CA. It was basically a glowing canopy of a Jellyfish with a body of an Octopus including tentacles. Massive. Manipulated itself thru the air similar to those said animals as we know them do thru water. Studied it for almost 10 minutes. Kind of embarrassing to say, but during the 1st minute or so, I remember catching myself repeating, “Oh my God” “Oh my God” “Oh my God” like the woman in your video. So, yeah… been there. I know it’s real. Great catch. [PS} I could’ve had cinema quality motion picture filming equipment and I guarantee many, if not most, would’ve yelled, “FAKE”… Like you said. They just need to stop watching videos, go outside, and look up. Or they’ll never see anything they consider ‘believable’.

  4. Military flares for sure, at that distance you wouldn’t see smoke, wobble, they burned out( disappeared, lol) and that was an end to it.

  5. I saw and took a photo of the same thing over the Mojave on November 9, 2022. We were passengers on American
    airlines about 11:30 am CST. I first saw what looked like a block of lights off the right wing and as the got closer the photo shows individual what ever they were. Lost sight as the plane blocked my view.

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