2 linked UFOs / Orbs spotted over Artesia, NM

Latest UFO sightings – Two linked UFOs / Orbs filmed over Artesia, New Mexico this Tuesday, 16th March 2010.

New UFO footage from North America, US USA. Most recent ovni sighting reports and evidences. Files and secred documents, ovni in 2012. Aliens.

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  1. I saw the exact same formation of two objects at approximately 5:45 AM on March 18, 2010 in San Luis Obispo, CA. Travel was on a North to South track. In addition to these two objects, I saw numerous 'flashes' of similar size and intensity in the vicinity. Intensity as compared to the 'cup' of the Big Dipper was at least 10x.

  2. You're right, these are space craft. But what you're not understanding is that… these are unmanned and probably say "Dish Network" on them. Hello???

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