3 giant spaceships near Pluto will reach Earth in December 2012?

A report by the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) in the United States said that there are three giant spaceships which are heading towards Earth.

December 27, 2010 – According to the Russian Pravda news, the SETI, a non-commercial organization said that the largest one of the three spaceships is 240 kilometers wide, and the two others are smaller.
It further stated that currently, the objects are beyond the orbit of Pluto and will reach Earth in December 2012.
The report claims that the spaceships were detected by the HAARP search system, based in Alaska, which is designed to study the phenomenon of northern lights.
According to the SETI researchers the objects are nothing but extraterrestrial spaceships, and will be visible in optical telescopes as soon as they reach Mars’ orbit, reported the Pravda news.
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    • people, don&#39;t be an idiots! they are playing double game!<br /><br />this is true! but it came out too early and now the government is trying to stop it, by forcing the SETI to say it&#39;s a hoax!

    • this is not bogus we have had messages received from probes we sent out in the 70&#39;s we know they are out there but we as an population of show me now people wont be concerned until they are on our door step and by then it might be too late specially if they are hostile, we really should be urging are government to come clean and tell us what they will do to protect us in case the are in deed

    • Well with all the hype on this internet,it&#39;s hard to tell whats true,and whats fiction.With all the propaganda,from the government,Nasa,secret cults,foreign countries,and just plain people like me and after 100 or more videos,and experts on all things good and bad.I can tell yall one thing for sure,whether it&#39;s a Volcano,World War,a Planet,coming to close to earth,or even aliens attacking


    • your god bullshit is retarded, for people to still think there is some 5 or 6 different gods out there is just rediculolus! Believeing in god is not even as good as believeing in biogfoot or UFO&#39;s or reptile people. At least people say they see these things. How many people say they see god? If they do they get put in a looney bin. Why dont you think about that!!!!!!

    • Do you believe in air. It&#39;s something you can&#39;t see. But just like GOD we know its there. I will pray that you get knowledge before its to late because there is no 122112,or aliens or whatever is supposed to end the world this week because the fact of the matter is the son of GOD is JESUS and HE is the coming end.

    • Well you may find that they are old inhabitants of this earth, if you believe in the &quot;Black Knight&quot; satellite. In any case don&#39;t go spending a fortune on Christmas gifts this year.

    • No it&#39;s probably Commander Koenig ship comming back to Earth.Wait &#39;till he see&#39;s we got our new moon.

    • I use Peter to channel this to you Alfred I suppose you may know richard branson virgin airlines ect soon he plans outerspace holidays in 2020 well to be honest he&#39;s a bit late. For sol.1 he&#39;s first but in the cosmos well,hello there Richard your late. Earth or human species here is some news your plant has been scientific and a holiday destination for 5 million years for several hundread

  1. if you go to the SETI home page, you will see the explicit denial of this story. It is based on erroneous, scientifically unclear and sometimes completely fictional information. Don&#39;t believe any of it, my friends.

    • We all know that SETI would cover up any real threats to us. To not have panic in the streets. &quot;They, you know &quot;THEM&quot; will want the streets clear so those in the &quot;know&quot; can make their escape. I&#39;m not that relgous but I have found God, I too think that the time is finally upon us. I&#39;m kinda torn. The book of Revalations says to NOT prepare for armagetan(ms). The

    • in the Mayan calendar,They say is their second coming of their god so what does that mean? Aliens the ones that build the pyramids.

  2. i thought this was a HOAX–isn&#39;t there any responsibility to postings on this site? very disappointed…unless you have some proof that this report is not a hoax.

  3. What a joke! The Hubble can hardly even see Pluto. There is a little to much Vodka going around the table at the Pravda News Center. And SETI is working hard at trying to find signals from other worlds and for surely would not stoop low enough to give this credit.

    • dont you people know that SETI has to go through the government with anything they find before it can be anounced to the public. So if this was true the government would have already covered it up and deemed it classified. So we wouldnt know anyway.

  4. people, don&#39;t be an idiots! they are playing double game!<br /><br />this is true! but it came out too early and now the government is trying to stop it, by forcing the SETI to say it&#39;s a hoax!

  5. I dont´know if this news is true or not, but if it is not a hoax all goverments all over the world have to make their minds and stop all wars,to prepare for something that is not going to be normal.Remember the words of Stephen Hawkings some months ago regarding Alliens. Regards Luis from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  6. I agree with that person who said that this &quot;hoax&quot; stuff is just an attempt to stop this news so people will go back to their lives, spend money (and pay taxes) so the government can build their underground bunkers in peace with that money!<br /><br />where will we go when something happens????!! PETA camps?

  7. i talked to a person who works for SETI… you wouldn&#39;t believe how many people from government were &quot;visiting&quot; them after they published this… and then, just like this, they claimed they didn&#39;t say this…<br /><br />men in black??

  8. you all really believe what the government says? I think you should decide for yourself! before posting comments saying they don&#39;t exist and its a hoax do your research! look up these coordinates on wikisky.org- 13 24 22 11 26 13<br />there is a blue object out there near pluto that looks like the spaceshuttle and a orange object that you will have to decide for yourself what it may be!

  9. do u really think the government wants the world to know that 3 giant ufos are on the way right now… i don&#39;t think so… c&#39;mon with facebook, twitter,cnn, and even espn talking about this it will be TOTAL CHAOS. i told my wife about this and she told me to shut up she don&#39;t want to hear about it, it&#39;s scary… and thats from my mouth now just think if the government goes on tv

  10. the governments around the world, dont want us to know, about lots of things, the affects of planet x, will be around the same time, all you can do come the time, stay away from the sea, find higher ground, stock up on lots of food and water,and enjoy the show,

  11. re: wikisky.org- 13 24 22 11 26 13<br /><br />i checked that out and I also saw the orange rectangular object and the blue object to its left however if you &quot;browse&quot; a little to the left you will find more such objects esp orange ones. These stand distinctively out as they are not round and esp the blue ones are like spotting a blue m&amp;m in a bunch of yellow ones-no brainer. Nothing

  12. Well guys if you all people have read chariots of God then u all will come to know about a specific calendar made by the mayang civilization some 3 or 4 thousand years ago with accurate forecasting..The calendar was created till the date of 2012,,God knows why.According to the mayang tribes,their gods will be coming back in their chariots..Now,,if the news is true,,can it be the gods in their

  13. It is obvious this is not natural, the golden ring is to perfect to be natural. If you look closer, you can see &quot;Made in China&quot; writen on the left side of blue object.

  14. It is obvious that the golden ring is not natural. The golden ring is to perfect to be natural. If you look closer you can see &quot;Made in China&quot; writen to the left side of the blue object.

  15. you know, i had a dream, that some armada of E.Ts were stioned in a nearby planet and they were heading for EARTH, one ship crashed nd then i woke up. 🙂

  16. well well three space ships in space well if u read the bible. it says something about three stars out in space will tell that something will happen, i never read the hole thing. just about the three stars, and the other thing about it is that one of the stars is bigger then the other two if its a fake……with god all things are possible even ur dreams says something about what god wants to do

  17. Why is that impossible to see Pluto from Alaska? Now it is winter there.Winter is the most perfect time to see it.Earth is just between Pluto and Sun.If it is winter, than Sun is (for want of 90 degrees) at the other side of Earth.It means, there is an excellent sight to pluto.<br />Anyway, people should think of the future of Earth.There are so many other menancing danger. I wish this were be

  18. Non-believer -Now believer<br /><br />I saw a UFO back in 2001 over Nevada, never told anyone. Silver shaped bell object moved like if it was off key with lag like when you play a game. Today I looked on sky map it’s no hoax the objects were huge spaceships or not, there big and they are heading in earths direction. The facts are there, the government just tires to cover up everything so we can&#

  19. Excuse to the creator of this report.What are you trying to claim.Are you doing this as an entertainment for your by fooling others.Please people be sensible on the topics which to make fun or fool.These are all serious subjects which to be taken serious.If you guys making wrong information then you are cheating yourself…You know how,when any one identify any real UFO and report or even take a

  20. Um, OK, so there are THREE space ships beyond Pluto… um, why is it going to that until 12/2012 to reach earth? Just doesn&#39;t make sense. Seriously, this seems a little kooky to me.

  21. I saw something in the sky years ago. My friends and I followed it for about a half a mile and thats one a female that we were with deided to get out the car as we stop to take and a look.She was in a panic mold yelling and pointing up.I told her cousin to grab her and place her back in the car and when he went to do it all I remember was that a giant light beamed at his face..this is very real

  22. duh, it&#39;s the mothership comming back and picking us up and leaving behind all the stupid people to die from the…..ohh…nevermind

  23. I thought the Aliens invasion had already begun some 20 years ago? just look around you and see the some of the creatures walking down your street.

  24. Aha, seen from Alaska? Didn&#39;t they say originally that this can only be seen from the southern hemissphere? Somebody has to check their coordinates.

  25. I&#39;ve gone to the SETI home page and I see no denials. Who is this anonymous, I&#39;ve never known an anonymous to be credible in any way, that is why they are anonymous. The truth will usually accompany those who are willing to give their names not those who proclaim that they know everything except their own name.

  26. You people are complete f*cking lunatics if you believe this. Come on, get with reality. The world sucks, and no aliens are coming to save us from its suckiness. Get half a frickin&#39; brain. If you believe this crap, you&#39;ll believe anything.

    • Government has always been keeping information from the public. These world leaders feel it best they be the ones to know and keep these secrets, not the world citizens. The government never admits to any ufo activity, probably because it has no control of this situation. The government itself is probably part of the reason for the invasion. These people in office aren&#39;t helping any sort of

  27. You&#39;re right, it does look like a big blue cock. Hahah. The aliens are coming to pound your asses, you delusional freaks!

  28. to Anonymous.. what the heck you are doing here ?? you still looking at the site, so it must sounds like you belief in that? if not than live us alone and get lost and accept that other people belief in it .if you don&#39;t belief in that. open your mind and see the true&#39;s. we don&#39;t need your stupid comments. Bye..

  29. Hoax or not, I&#39;m skeptical and paranoid. I believe its true. And I also believe that the world isn&#39;t ready for this information. I think it would be worldwide panic if &quot;aliens&quot; showed up on our doorstep. How do you prepare for a history changing event?

    • these aliens are here to help us,and the government knows it,so they are trying to put fear in us.Why don&#39;t you look at the thrive movie and read David Ickes books,it will open your eyes,the GOVERNMENT is the ENEMY

  30. HAHAHA you all make me laugh with your paranoid delusions and theories. Calm down for one second take a deep breath and THINK. Stop running round like headless chickens panicing that the illuminati are hiding a huge depopulation exercise while they excile themselves away for the new world order show.<br /><br />If the government have in fact double bluffed a leak from seti here and attempting to

  31. ive been keeping close tabes on theses ships even got in the hubble and spicer telescopes these things are real the dont lokk millitary more or less these ships are exploritory or refuges besides another ship is on the moon same size and shape i think right know they are observing us to see if they will be met with hostle intent if we realy dont want to be alone the we need to keep an open mind

  32. wow! i cant believe how much comments on here are saying, &#39;oh this is a hoax&#39; &#39;SETI says so&#39;…. THEY WOULD SAY THAT!!! its not like your going to go to the SETI website and it reads &quot;These objects are real!&quot;, &quot;they are alian craft coming toward Earth to eradicate us&quot;. Does the government admit or disclose ANY info concerning UFO&#39;s??…. you have to think,

  33. hahah Seti is a lie<br />thats why none of ou are aware theres an earth like planet near our orbit the media lies <br />wake up people

  34. long ship is naglfar unknown<br /><br />round ship is revelation (only ship we came in contact)<br /><br />weird shaped one is moros unknown

  35. M M M m m m…sounds like the &#39;INformation&#39; of DISinformation, MISinformation, with enough fact, fiction, truth and omissions thrown in, that would create enough doubt, speculation, CONfusion, DIStraction and maybe even DEnial. <br /><br />TASK ACCOMPLISHED: it created doubt, name calling, arguments, crushed hopes, DIStraction and finally to DIScard it all as a hoax.<br />NICE job!!!!<br

  36. I wonder if the people claiming this to be a hoax are actually part of the government.. or work for SETI. It would make a lot of sense that they have bitten their tongue after reveling controversial information. They are trying to eat their words, do anything they can to again distract the masses and preoccupy the world. Trying to prove it as a hoax makes people confused, ignorant and lazy. We

  37. There is an ancient native prophesy that the gods will return at the time of the blue star blue object blue star coincidence?

  38. OK , we see three large space ship.<br />But they discovered in 2010. If they coming to earth in 2012 , where are now (august 2011.)that 3 space ship?<br />Soon we will see them near MARS in nov.2011.<br />If we calc. distance and speed of this object , they will bee here before dec. 2012.<br /><br />So if that spaceship travel from PLUTO to MARS for one year, how fast they will travel from MAST

  39. Welll… Let&#39;s see. Back last century during the Cold War, Pravda was the government controlled news rag. However, that changed with the fall of the collapse of the USSR. Since then, the newspaper has been changed into combination Enquirer/Weekly World News publication (which is a lot better). Though entertaining, they announced in 2008 that GWB and Laura were getting a divorce after he

  40. I went on the Wiki skymap and what I saw told me that SETI found some huge objects heading for Earth and right after that the SETI Program was cancelled!!!! I am a highly educated person and I know Astronomy!!! These are NOT stars, nebulas or anything else like that!!! They are definitely solid mass and are huge!!!<br />If you all would leave religion out of the equasion you could read in the

    • I agree totally we must get it through that these ships are coming to help us,don&#39;t listen to the Government they would like us to believe they are the enemy,because the Government and the greedy elite will be no more,everything is going to change for the better,

  41. SETI WAS DEFUNCT RIGHT AFTER THE DISCOVERY OF THESE SPACESHIPS!!!! They are currently within the broad vicinity of Pluto and are moving at incredible speeds towards the earth! We should be able to see them thru our large telescopes by Summer of 2012!!!

  42. I am NOT the Anonymous from above! I am another anonymous! To the first anonymous! Geez Brotha you need to stop cursing and swearing at people! If you don&#39;t believe just go party and dont worry about Higher Consciousness and stuff like that!!!<br />It is shameful that we cannot discuss a matter of such a Nature with a common dialogue! People like you make interesting links and sites a Battle

  43. I do not know why the discuss? If they came from so great distance and if they wanted for somebody to see them-will see them. After all, if they come-will come…

  44. I find it interesting that, SETI announces these ships, then retract the announcement ( despite the fact that there are three annomalies visible out there ) then SETI folds.<br />As 2011 has gone by, the number of UFO sightings across the planet has spiked….coincidence?

  45. How can one know that these objects are moving towards Earth in the first place? Is there a sequence of photos of them showing any growing size or what?

    • its a shift in the light given off by the objects…thats how they can tell if objects are moving toward us or away from us….astronomy 101

  46. If they&#39;re coming here, then they&#39;re already 1/3 of the way from where they were when Seti saw them to here (earth). So, why haven&#39;t amateurs with home telescopes started reporting them? <br />And if some one does see them, how about stating where they are in the sky so a layman can find them. Even better state the tract they will follow for the next month.

  47. im from australia and down here we would offer the(the &quot;ETs&quot;)m a beer and a feed try and root their women and start a fight with the biggest ET and get arrested. wake up the next day and do all again.get fucked

  48. &quot;Latest ufo sightings&quot; and sites like it do nothing but make a joke of all the hard work that countless people have put into the search for life on other worlds. At the top of their page it says &quot;sharing the truth&quot; and a few lines down a story about 3 giant spaceships heading towards earth. This site is nothing more than an online version of &quot;the national enquirer&quot;

    • I think to blame the site for those that use it is wrongly placed. We should all remain open minded and act like adults trying together to resolve a perplexing question of immense importance to our species and it&#39;s survival in the universe. I would bet most of the back and forth banter is just childish male egos punching at each other to become king of the hill; and not for the purpose of

  49. seti is unnecessary to study extraterrestrial life or to attempt to initiate extraterrestrial contact, or to debate about things like ufo´s – until laws making it a duty for SETI to report contact with the u.s. government first which will then determine if the contact is to be announced publicly, are suspended.

  50. Well there is this girl from Japan (well that’s what she has told me) that I met online and for some reason I have a strong feeling that she is some alien spying on us… Is there any way that I can report this?

  51. why dont someone just get some balls and tell the bloody truth once and for all at the end of the day we are all in this together and if aliens do attack the earth we will all need to stand together as a race

  52. it would be nice to read something that is true to the word but all the bullshit aside we are all in it together no mater what is or is not going to happen..<br />just go with the flow, shit happens.<br /><br />thanks to all for a good read.

  53. i BELIEVE ANONYMOUS ! <br />now , im having much time searching these things in the internet .. i believe government officials are trying to hide this from us ! we have to prepare for these things ! <br /><br />*anonymous 3

  54. I BELIEVE IN UFOS. i&#39;ve been searching UFOS since 2007 (now 2011 november and as i heard these three space crafts must be near mars) and if u try to understand this subject you will notice that this is all related. I ADVICE THE NOONBELIEVERS of ufos to search for example (Bob&#39;s Lazar work)a former Area51 employer that worked in the 1990&#39;s, search it on youtube or internet (there are


  55.       38 Votes<br /> <br /><br />Three giant alien spaceships are getting closer Earth! They are on track to strike Earth on November 27th, 2011.<br /><br />As reported previously by WWN, three giant spaceships are headed for earth and are on track to arrive here on November 27th, 2011.<br /><br />Experts with the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials have been monitoring the progress of these alien

    • How can a planet outside our milky way, say Gootan, be known to be more hostile???. If somebody knows that then they sure as hell know a dam sight more than that!!!. Hope these aliens have had their jabs etc, because all the diseases on this planet would surely kill anything alien to the environment. Unless of course they wear full Bio, Nuclear and Chemical suits (BNC) all the time they are here.

  56. This isn&#39;t a hoax. Somebody commented that the Hubble can hardly see Pluto. But it can easily see Pluto.I myself saw strange stuff on wikisky.org or some website.

  57. Tämä ei ole huijaus ! miettikääpä sitä että satoja ihmisiä katoaa maanpäältä eikä heitä koskaan löydetä ? Samalla tulee dokumentteja ja näkyjä ufoista ? Herätkää ihmiset niitä on jo maanpäällä mutta tietysti hallitus piilottaa ne koska muuten koko ihmiskunta joutuisi paniikkiin ja seuraukset olisivat rajuja !

  58. Someome in Russia drinks way too much… I heard Russian vodka was good but had no idea it was that good. No arrival until 2012? What&#39;s powering a craft that slow? Maybe a recycled lawnmower engine? Maybe it&#39;s our Hail Bop sneaker friends running on a galactic treadmill? it&#39;s amazing how many people can be taken in by something so stupid. No wonder most of the planet is 3rd world.

  59. I am an aeronautical engineer in the Slovak Republic and have been working on the Hubble space telescope bi-stem solar pannel repair program in 1995 at ESA. Normally they should be able with Hubble to trace these movements. Personally I think as human beings we should in case these pictures are validated for an immediate well-organized information campaign so that we can prepare for the best/

  60. This is as real as it gets…if you are a skeptic I suggest getting a Cadadioptric Telescope with a 4mm (700x) mag…take a look for yourself people something strange is there…Its plain as day with the Celestron CPC 1100 GPS XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope! Something is just not adding up! Its amazing what recent activity between United Nations, NASA, DARPA like programs, DOD&#39;s and SETI

  61. Well, don&#39;t know if it&#39;s true or not, we shall see.<br />But a sad thing is to see that there&#39;s a lot of stupid people who believe that Earth is the only planet with life on in compared to the immensity of the space. <br />How can someone be sure extraterrestrials do not exist? Non sense…<br />Look a few hundred years ago, Man thought the Earth was flat surrounded with water. Then

  62. So….can we, or can we not, see the current status of this on wikisky.org, or any where else, for that matter? I was able to follow it back in January, but cannot find anything now. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Logic would dictate that it would be, now, closer and clearer, right?

  63. whats the story everybody first of all of all the 100 billion galaxys in space an the 100 million of them with steadly atmospheres easily enhabitable for life so the experts say anyway whatever happens between now an 2012 or if noting happens at all whether these super beins arrive an butcher us or separate us into sex&#39;s an tourter us or whatever what i really think what they want is our

  64. There is NO way in hell that it is going to take until december next year to reach us.. i am 19 years old and the only experience i have in this topic is the fact its a hobby, so this either is a hoax, or SETI need to employ some new scientists due to they&#39;re shocking ability of calculating simple math. The new amazon probe is half way to plute, which has took 4 years, it travels at aroun

  65. The reason we only see glimpses of ufos is because we live in a 3 dimensional world. Entities in 4 or more dimensional worlds can sometimes lower their vibrations to be sighted by us, however until we &#39;grow up&#39; and evolve to higher dimensions the universe will look totally empty to us. The only civilizations we would see are others in 3 dimensional worlds, but the universe is teeming

  66. Its November 26th 9:07 central time! If this is true we should know sommething with in a week or so! I&#39;ve seen stories come and go through my years and every single one has gone with out the predictions coming true! I am inclined to believe this will also be the same thing with this story! As far as UFOs are concerned : i know they are real, what I dont know is if they are alien,time

  67. These objects are four ice astoids, very large ones. There size almost makes it impossible to avoid a earth collison. Missles may be able to deffert there direction some if they were applied far out in space. Someone must start this deffersion soon or it will be to late. But having four astoids makes it very slim odds of working. I see no space crafts but your right it does look like a big

    • More than likely….if it is true and 3 or 4 large ice crystals or whatever are coming our way…Jupiter will have a go at them first…due to its magnetic forcefield….smaller fragments might get through….but the chances of it destroying earth are slim to none

  68. If you don&#39;t want your operation to be shutdown by the government all you need to do is to comply. Deny, Deny and Deny.<br /><br />We have military and law enforcement personnel&#39;s and officials who actually admitted about the existence and truth about this beings. and these people have credible reputations. You don&#39;t just spend half of your life in the line of service then decide to

  69. Your article about the supposed three alien crafts approaching earth has way too many flaws. The most of which SETI does not &quot;look&quot; at the sky they &quot;lesson&quot; to the sky. I have been a member of SETI since 1989. Another thing that bothers me is that no one has any updated coordinates for the crafts. I am also an amateur astronomer and have a 13 inch diameter telescope and I

  70. That because there is nothing at all out there, Frank. It&#39;s been thoroughly debunked.<br /><br />This was a poor forgery, making use of a name the forgers misspelled out of ignorance.<br /><br />The biggest clue that this is a fake is the claim that we know how big it is, to very specific dimensions.<br /><br />If you are a trained astronomer, you should know more than anyone that with no

  71. Who gives a crap what SETI says? I believe… Besides, why the hell would the government admit that thats a ship??? All they want is our tax dollars. If that ship really is coming then they would loose all their money.Didn&#39;t the Myans say something would happen in Dec. 2012? Coinsedense? Apperently, these guys are the bad aliens with weird snake-like eyes and they are gonna do some preaty bad

  72. Seriously, doesn&#39;t it just look like someone just imposed their &quot;blue dildo&quot; onto the screen? While I do believe there is life out there other than our own, this is just plain bulls***

  73. i think the world leaders should make this public and unite the world in peace not killing each other ,otherwise we might get hurt/destroyed by what is coming our way ,the way we are going now they wont hesitate to destroy, i mean the americans &amp; others are producing weapons to sell to their enemys to play war games with peoples lives ,so i say lets show em we can love each other peacefully

  74. they can hardly tell 6 billion people that the world is going to end in 2012 or that the mayans were right that a new leader (god) is going to return to earth to lead us into a better future which i highly believe in or if someone is coming to protect us from a more serious treat like an invasion from ET or space people as i call them an when whatever is coming gets closer its going to mess up

  75. According to the Billy Meir contacts with the Pleadians,nothing is going to happen except possiable world wars and nature striking back because the world is too over crowded!!

  76. yeah if noting does happen apart from the usa going to war with aran an then the euro war when that fully collapses money will be worth noting an then when yellowstone blows 80% of america will be dead an then when the next alinments happen between all the planets it wont just cause tsunamis wipping out countries the solar flare peak in dec 2012 an march2013 will wipe out all communications sure

  77. mosco state tv announced their government have underground tunnels to support 5000 people so far and are trying to renovate old underground train stations for people that have no were to go do you think any other country would do that for us not a hope well there was a conference in the usa a number of army personnel with radar proof sightings an from airports, civilians,police,hickers an

  78. were all going to die new pictures taken from peru giant super beins they look about 10 foot tall there huge there was also sightings in texas an brazil dont go out at night espesially into the woods i do see these strange lights coming from a wooded area in the mountains beside were i live i dont usually go out after 5pm its that dangerous be careful get yourself a glock or something thats what

    • Do you think it could be someone making moonshine??? You are in the hills right?&quot; Please I would rather resort to throwing rocks before even thinking twice of owning a P.O.S glock. Besides if they are here they already know of our defences and more than likely have defenses against them so in a since you would be better off throwing rocks because nothing you can do with that pea shooter is

  79. whatever is coming were all doomed they reacon it would take a team 36 years on a mission just to get to kepler the closet inhabitable planet to earth unless the aliens are living on the moon so wherever there living when they do attack it would be like a staf bullterrier against a goldfish a lion against a chicken get the picture they could be a million years more advanced than us it could take

  80. People on planets like Earth are in the 3rd dimension, Cannot see in the 4th, 5th and beyond, therefore can search the skies forever and will never see any other beings. When Earth and its people finally evolve, to the 4th, 5th dimensions, the universe will be revealed to be teeming with life. But for now, we can only see other civilisations that are also in the 3rd dimension, those are obviously

  81. Why is it that people posting on this blog have truly terrible grammar and zero spelling ability – the average 1st grader could do better! At least use a spellchecker!

  82. somebody&#39;s on the wrong site whats wrong are you lost well you must be paronoid being on this website in the first place where are you from america not that there&#39;s anything wrong with that you just seem imature an the answer to your question is that every country in the world is interested in this sort of stuff nowadays so therefore not everybody can speak good english

  83. ET doesn&#39;t stand a chance if he comes here with all his mates think of the big army&#39;s like America China England Korea an Europe an think of all the criminals with firepower an all the nutcases in Afganastan if they dont kill ET then Aran will nuke them along with half the world so human beins will still live on untill ET&#39;s family comes back for revenge

  84. One opition, we do have the Hubble, why does it not turn and give the latest info we wish to know, We have the technology, why no use it. ???<br /><br />Makes you wonder what the Govt already know&#39;s. ??

  85. Thank you for making the grammer comment whom ever you are. If you insist on making an educated comment, at least have the decency to skim through out of consideration for the people who may be reading it. Its like trying to listen to someone who stutters alot. Anyway, im 50/50 on this. Im aware of what the government is capable of and their manipulative techniques, but i am also aware of alot of

  86. Either way, if I live or die, I live or die with the LORD!!! Thos is the only way for my Souls Security. The Bible speakes about a lot of things that are unidentifiable. However, GOD has mighty Power that is able to whipe this foe out simply andquickly if HE chooses to (remember war of the worlds?) or if these are friendlies, HE is able to accomodate them. I truly Believe in the power of GOD!!!

    • And what are you going to do if this being IS your so called GOD? I think you might want to do a little research to the people in the old days visitors like this would be veiwed and worshiped as GOD/s

    • Oooooohhh…. Now i see why obvious real videos of ufos are being labled fake. Its because the fundementalist christian crazies come to this site and like to preach! Makes sense now. You sir are insane and deserve the hellish pit of ignorance which is your life. You are a conscious being and you waste away this wonderful gift you have by allowing yourself to be manipulated by one of the most evil

  87. well you can tell its fake, for one thing if scientists saw this they wouldnt say &quot;oh its nothing its just extraterestrial spaceships that are huge and will make it here by december no biggy.&quot; they would do something! and from that guy who said why dont we use the hubble, exactly! the government is just trying to scare us and say &quot;haha, you were so scared! see? ufos arent real!&

    • I can understand alot of conspearicy theroies and I&#39;m not tring to be a prude,but this has to be one of the worst I have ever heard and makes no sence.Secondly, do you really think the govn&#39;t would really spend that much money on something as a scare tactic? If so then who are they trying to scare?

  88. I really can trust in any side.<br />USA goverment is a liar and extraterrestial funs sometimes are too paranoics.<br />If something that big its true then we all see it sooner or later

  89. Most of you know nothing! Extraterrestrials have warned all governments to tell everyone the truth of their existence or they would make their presence known in 2012 or 2013, and they would show up in large fleets! They want everyone to know the truth of our existence and how we got here! They say everything we have been taught and everything in our textbooks is wrong! Trust me! They&#39;re

    • Agreed!I have a sneeky suspision that we are possiably decendants of an ancient extraterrestrial race and have evolved into what we are today. Maybe back long ago the E.T.s were working on making the worm hole tech. and a few of us made it here and became trapped unable to return. That would really throw a monkey wrench in the whole theology system because the bible freaks might just see that

  90. Seen blue lights looking through telescope while looking at mars last night. At first I thought they where just stars then they moved. They moved across field of view(thousands of miles) very fast. Fast enough the round light would turn into a streak of light then stop back into a round light. They would zig zag, come on and off like fire flies. A very strange anomaly, also not a reflexion, I

  91. Of course SETI will claim that this is a set up. Well folks after going through the data and going to these ships as part of a diplomatic mission, I can tell you that they are out there and that they are bloody huge. Turtle

  92. They are coming to Help us. a pole shift is about to take place. Its kinda like Noah&#39;s Ark. oh by the way there are many type of aliens on earth already, bad ones. Reptiliens who control the Greys…

    • that is possiable but only the elites will be allowed aboard since they have given them all of our gold.Which isn&#39;t much I might add.

  93. Unfortunately for the somewhat young human species, it has been decided by others who have been here longer than us to slow down our rate of technological growth as it negatively impacts the overall health of the planet we share. To that end large craft recently observed have been experimenting with and perfecting the creation of large solar flares aimed at this planet (also recently observed).

  94. First and foremost; the SETI program is just a ridiculous attempt of getting your attention out of the whole UFO sightings around the world. They claim they are non-governamental and pure of intentions like &#39;We will tell you when we find something (wich is not really true like the &#39;wow&#39; mark is)&#39;&#39; So you can clear think this as a population, almost automatically; &#39;&#39;Hey

  95. Didn&#39;t the ETs&#39; create us to mine gold for them? Well, maybe somebody is wanting to make them an offering because they sure are buying up all the gold aren&#39;t they. To my understanding the gov&#39;t is starting to staff all the FEMA camps that have been built in just the last few years also.

    • Yea from what I have read they are fully staffed and ready for the mass exicution.If you are attempted to be rallied up by fema DON&quot;T GO!!! RUN,HIDE,GET AWAY FAR AND FAST!!!

  96. THIS IS REAL! IF we make peace then planets will flourish is trade and travel. Gas no longer! Planet earth can be save from US. Please people, Open your eye&#39;s.

  97. It is all false no such thing as alien fyling craft all nonsense not one single video is concrete all speculative stuff either blurred or shopped in, believe the truth at this point in time we are all alone, that to some may be even more frightening….

  98. Dont be so stupid there is no chance we are alone in the universe.First of all there is no such thing as god there is of course a family of royalty (GODS) the Annunakai from a distant planet that possible brought us here or else Adam and Eve were testube babies IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT.You can read everywere that these gods came here in the most impresive flying machines they brought life,

  99. i believe russians they dont mess about to many ufo sightings being witnessed throughout our planet daily its not scaremongering but genuine fact .if these great massive ships are heading towards our small planet our governments are fully aware &amp; will monitor them closely why or what they want with us remains to be seen maybe cause mans destroyed mother earth through greed of oil timber other

  100. If extraterrestrial life exists, and there are really three large space crafts headed to our planet, why do people automatically expect the worst possible scenario? Maybe it&#39;s because that, because of the media, we believe that &quot;aliens&quot; are hostile, green creatures. What if they exist and they are coming to visit, but it&#39;s not the end of life as we know it. They could be

  101. I&#39;m still not sure whether to believe or not!!, but what i am pretty sure about is the fact that if they where hostile, why leave it till we are as reasonably competent with technology and arms as we are today when they could of attacked us or even enslaved us well before now when we were still fumbling around (so to speak) in the dark, without any real chance in fighting back, especially

  102. Consume or be consumed life feeds on life but the spirit is eternal only unconditional love well unite us all as Jesus has been trying to do for over 2000 year&#39;s. And for the spaceships not sure if they are us or aliens but I know they exist because I have witnessed one before and made one other connection between an old photo I saw when I was 15 and video of the spaceship next mercury made

  103. Could this be the reset button or could this be just the beginning of the next phase of life on Earth. Imagine these objects were loaded with iridum just like the object that hit the Earth 60 million years ago. Life continued on and heck, humanity followed about 10,000 years ago. Maybe they will come and see their last reset went well and praise us with enough of their technology to keep

  104. we are food folks….think cows and chickens here….thousands of years ago some being realized that intelligent beings have the ability to harvest their own food….they are coming….and they plan to make delectable little treats out of you, me, and all of our children. The earth is ready for harvest folks…a couple billion of us ready for the dinner table. mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm What comes

  105. It looks like the inmates have taken over at last. I haven&#39;t<br />seen so much garbage since I looked in my trash bin early this<br />morning.

  106. Anonymous<br />If you come in peace then i&#39;m all for it.If they think my family and friends are part of there menu,then they have another thing coming.They gonna die trying ether by chocking on my flesh or buy my hand LOL

  107. About a year ago i saw a huge object on the north west side of the moon.it was approq.300 miles accross and was the same color as the moon.my wife saw it also.ufos are real

  108. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as
    though you relied on the video to make your point. You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw
    away your intelligence on just posting videos to your
    site when you could be giving us something informative to read?

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