UFO sightings 2011: Triangle formation over Lake Elsinore in California 6-Jan-2011

Latest UFO sightings 2011 – This two UFO videos were recorded in Lake Elsinore, a city in western Riverside County, California on Thursday, 6th January 2011 by two different and unrelated persons.
This triangle formation hovering in the night sky could also be skydivers with flares – you be the judge!

Video #1:
Witness report: basically we were on the 15 fwy south by temescal canyon rd, i was sleeping and my mom n sis woke me up asking what was that in the sky, at first it looked like a meteor or something falling out of the sky when I was taking out my camera it split into 3 lights, news and 911 emergency said it was skydivers, if it were that must be some really bright glow sticks to see it from that far, I’ll let it up to you to make your own minds up..

Author (117LIGHT117 @ youtube)

Video #2:

Witness report: We got out of the car at Starbucks and everyone was standing in the parking lot staring at 3 lights forming a triangle in the sky. We saw it for about 1 minute before we started this recording. The lights all went out at the same time.
Author (margiemertz @ youtube)

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  1. I am only willing to post this because I was fired due to my reaction to said event. For my own safety I will remain unknown and can not reveal my source of Intel. What you saw above Lake Elsinore were not skydivers. <br />Hint # 1 All flares could not be put out at same time in the air.<br />Hint # 2 The wind at that time was blowing EastNorthEast and the objects in question were flying directly

  2. I agree,If they were skydivers how would they be able to stay still and hover for such a long then move at a fast speed.<br /><br />Here is my hints <br /><br />hit 1: if you trust your goverment to tell you the truth your a moron.<br /><br />hit 2: if its in your face and you still deny the evidence your blind.<br /><br />hint 3: if you think its skydivers you will shit your pants when you find

  3. Anonymous one,<br /><br />Please contact me ASAP regarding said incident at the global comm set signature 233364-FR117 and listen for a unrecognized forwarding signature response. They know who you are and your life depends on making contact with me ASAP.

  4. Unless you freaked out at work saying the world was coming to an end and we were being invaded by aliens who abducted you in the past, I can&#39;t seem to see why you&#39;d be fired for this. <br />Hint #1 The flares go out after a certain amount of time….if all are sparked at the same time, they&#39;ll go out just about the same time.<br />Hint #2 1. Were you judging based off ground winds

  5. Aliens who can visit other worlds would have stealth technology we would never see them.They are not going to fly around and give us pretty light shows,in my opinion.<br /> Inferred videos &quot;may&quot; be showing some of these craft or black project aircraft.<br />Aliens with superior technology could watch us from the duck blind and we would never know.

  6. Dude need your help in researching this more. I live in Southern California and am only about 30 to 45 minutes away from Elsinore. I have been researching for a few years on ufos and aliens and yes My beleif they do in fact exist! There is too much Info these days! Isn,t Obama supposed to come clean with this Next Month? I heard on some youtube channel but it may be a Rumor. Never Trust

  7. In my opinion these things are most probably friendly as they have made no obvious indications of hostile intent and have made shown themselves to people all over the world. my main reaso for thinking they are peaceful is the fact that if they were hostile dont you think they would have superior tactical knowledge and would remain unseen until the appropriate time to strike sort of like with

  8. You all assume way too much. Just because you can&#39;t identify something doesn&#39;t make it an alien. Use a little bit of scientific reasoning here people.

  9. Hello everyone… I know now that what is happening is coming to all of us on a big scale… and the government not our government know about this already… it was not long ago that the sightings in Garden Grove, Ca on 10-10-10 and they tried to under mind it by saying it was a RC Place… someone has posted proof of Garden Grove Police acknowledging ET on radio scanner for that day in question.

  10. hey how can I get the men in black to give me a visit? I really want to see them! I have seen ufos but none have come to me why is it?

  11. who knows what it really was… everyone has their own opinion but honestly, no one outside of any world government knows…. i think they were ufos, why else would the same exact thing have been seen in different places all over the world?….. just my two cents

  12. Me and my girlfriend seen something like that but it was only one, we were driving home on the 10fwy go to Los Angeles back in Nov. thats some crazy shit,,,,

  13. Nice to get some level of euphoria or sentiment on thinking these are aliens. The technology to travel interstellar space would enable those beings to exercise some form of stealth. But humanity obsession that they are “special” and the only type of intelligent life form is laughable. Monitoring our world’s telecommunications networks would reveal we are still very primitive and warlike.

  14. The governments too lazy to kidnapp random people on the internet or people who spout things about aliens….so dont worry there pal and if you did get fired for that….get a lawyer if they had no REAL basis. Not everything is supernatural by the way people, try to think all I&#39;ve been seeing is people having just watched or has watched way too many alien movies/shows and then goes to look in

  15. People are writing true stories and calling them fiction. So if you don&#39;t do your home work about your own place in this or any other universe, you will be quite surprise about what is really going on all around you. What is going on here on Sol 3, is areflection of what is going on all over the universe.

  16. you can call me west. this is the truth. we are not alone and our neighbours are up to something they want our land and they have tried to get it before they tried but the mayan stoped them

  17. You guys are paranoid and annoying. lol. Who cares if aliens are real? Do you honestly think that if they existed and wanted us dead, we would be here? Wouldn&#39;t logic follow that if the government was worried about you or sites like this then they would be blacklisted and blocked from sight to people. You all are serious nerds. Get a life, stop watching anime, drink a beer, GO GET LAID before

  18. Disclosure is closer than we all think! Possibly some time this year or in 2012 is my guess. Anyone else think otherwise?

  19. Don&#39;t be too obsessed with the stupid,nonsense movie. there is no such things like 2012 disaster and it was only a prediction. Aliens maybe real but they won&#39;t appear to our world because our is going to be shitted by these political issues that happens recently. Thinks positive and get fucked up.

  20. on 2/22/11, i was smoking and was lookin up at the sky because, well, nothing else to do lol, well, it was around 945 or 10 when i noticed a ^star* changing colors, first it was normal, then red, then it turned yellow and started pulsing…all of this was to the north west, and i was using trees for markers…, then it starts to zip around in strange patterns, then as i turn to get some one else

  21. 20 minutes ago i have seen exactly this thing over innsbruck, thats why im searched and have found this site and saw this video. Unbelievable it was exactly like this. Maybe somebody filmed it, but for me it was to quick. I was only gazing at it, because i never saw something like this.<br /><br />Sorry bout my bad english

  22. hi pips,,im from africa and i can tell you for a fact that these things are real…forklore was wound up around these sightings and people were taught to ignore them…..and they will ignore you too..word on the street was that if you seek you eill find…ive had my dad tell me of tales he got from his daddy of men who were unlike us making brief visits..but just as lions in the massai mara

  23. March 3 2011 approx 7:30pm Los Angeles, i saw 3 lights in the sky move in strange patterns, it was a stop and go type with slight left and right moves, color of lights look like stars but more on red/green/orange. lights goin from west to east then all moved in other directions, 2 more came and one went south while the other went north.. i live on the flight path of burbank airport and i see alot

  24. March 10 th 2011. Sighted what appeared to be 7 objects in a v pattern over Billings , Montana. Had a single trailing object.not sure how high.Had a roaring sound. Very unusual.12:30 am.

  25. What? They&#39;re going to come in shooting laser beams and making noise? Why bother, when they can manipulate the weather–cause quakes, eruptions and tsunamis that rupture nuclear containment tanks. Check out the pairing of UFO sightings with natural disasters happening through the years. There&#39;s a war going on up there. Are the triangular craft protectors or are they trying to harm us? Are

  26. Let me first say that I am very opened mined , I believe in miracles as well as coincidences. I believe in a god as well as ghosts.I believe that mankind has a type of amnesia.. too much of our past is unknown. If Aliens are here, Then they&#39;ve always been here. Longer than we&#39;ve been here. Who knows maybe we&#39;re some alien kids 2nd grade science project That got out of hand. If Aliens

  27. dude! this not UFO or skydiver but this is military activity of the government and that&#39;s classified. so that, they are trying to make a gossip. you got it?

  28. hmmmm all very nice opinions but i acually have a friend who is in his 60s and he worked for nasa. he told me amazing stories that the astronauts told him about alien crafts. he also told me that they are among us thats why we have such major leaps in technology. but they have always been here before us. and area 51 is not in new mexico. that is a cover up. thats all i will say because i value my

  29. Ok, I live in Chicago and I was standing on my back porch last night (3/28/11) when I saw this &quot;ufo&quot; cruise by at about 1,200 ft. It was flying southwest around 7:30pm. Was I alone?

  30. I&#39;m sure you all know about people using balloons with LED lights in them or chinese lanterns etc. It looks like they tie strings on them to attach them together to make a triangle shape when they are being blown by the wind. Otherwise, I think they are alien crafts that are 99% invisible to us by some sort of cloaking method, and all we can see are those dots of light (the other 1%). Just my

  31. Hey everyone, the alledged UFOs over Lake Elsinore in January were in fact, three skydivers. I watched the show Fact or Faked tonight and they were testing a theory about the supposed El Paso UFOs that were similar, and they were showing how they hooked up flare packs to the ankles of the skydivers. They were trying to get the same affect as El Paso and they succeeded. In fact, the El Paso UFO

  32. On March 30th 2011 around 9:56 pm I saw the brightest light pulsing like bright star blue,red,orange over towards the north from Lake Elsinore. There was no noise and it moved slow left to right only maybe 1500 feet off the ground then dimmed out like a candle and I didn&#39;t see it again. It was only in the sky for 30 sec max. I wonder if anyone else see this?

  33. The government is involved in this world wide project. Anyone who thinks otherwise is sheep being led to slaughter.

  34. It&#39;s a human that spacecraft jacked the aliens…who knows… it could even be us humans who developed these crafts and doing testing on them. The same way human pilots fly planes… people with somewhat intelligience such as us humans most likely could create, build and fly these hover crafts. Will we ever know? And the ones that really know are not allowed to tell anyways… let&#39;s

  35. Umm I read most of these comments and there is this show on syfy called Fact or Faked that did this test, it was three skydivers with flares on their showes and they were performing Wat happened in el paso in 2010 and they even said that one was the military skydivers practicing for an air show

  36. i live in hemet california its about 15-20 min away from elsinore i saw that that same night but first it was one big bright thing then it separated into three trippy shit.

  37. No one has ever explained to me what the government has to gain from hiding evidence of UFOs. And please dont feed me that tripe about public panic. If they cared about public panic, they wouldn&#39;t have let us get that close to a shut-down or have a 3 trillion dollar debt.

  38. the govt cant protect us and the usaf cant keep our airspace secure so they wont admit that the ufos are real. i seen them 3 times and im into astronomy so i know wuts wut up in the night sky and i seen things flying around that were not satalites or stars or manmade aircraft they are up thea u just gota look up with binoculures

  39. Debt of any proportion or shut down as you say will not cause wide spread panic,to most people around the globe it is trivial even if an extraterrestrial encounter was televised we as humans would find it hard to believe,it would be dismissed as fake by many even to the point of a Presidential announcement many would still believe it to be untrue.What we are about to experience in our time will

  40. haha skydivers can stay in the air for hours. and one like went out before the other two. first going out to single the other to put theirs out.

  41. and i live in lake elsinore… skydivers jump here every day. i watched is one 50 year old dude flout up there for 60+ min. one time.

  42. ok first of all these videos are a KITE i promise you, a guy down my street has one and its identical i put that on my life!!! although i am a believer and witness of more than one sighting of said &quot;ufo&quot; crafts once close enough to watch an object achieve maneuvers defiant to our &quot;known&quot; laws of gravity. i believe we arent the only ones and that say 95% of factual sightings

  43. If you are a true believer of God (or whatever you call your god in your religion), you know you would&#39;nt have to worry at all. HAVE FATTH!

  44. that was the same object that i saw when i was a kid…i think its not a skydiver bcoz in our place there are no skydivers in the midnight.im from philippines

  45. we&#39;re not alone, and you&#39;re stupid if you believe that in this vast endless universe we are the only living beings, its just not possible. we are not alone. and its ok. <br /><br />anything can really be alien if it is uncommon to us, and a ufo unidentified flying object, for those saying something is not then please tell us what it is because i classify it as unidentified it i dont know

  46. u stupid people think what the hell this is all fake do u even know how big the universe is?<br />why would the aliens target earth

  47. we are in the scope of time a very young planet and basically primates still compared to what else is out their ,earth has been visited long before weve been here,their technology is way more advanced,we are being watched and they are here !!!it doesnt take a scientist to figure out that yes their is other life out their !!!!look at us and our cool planet….

  48. no sky divers float in the air for 60 plus min, lights go out at diff time, then ascent 12k feet into the sky u dumb fools,and whoever said whatever u watch on tv is real u morons

  49. okay let me just tell you this. this were in FACT Sky Divers!!! this was part of an experiment that Fact or Faked show were doing to duplicate a similar sightings in El Paso TX. check the link below or go to HULU to see this episode.<br />Even they said on the show that people were reporting this experiment as UFO sightings, they tried to explain that there were night Sky Divers but still people

  50. i have info. on the subject first i have been a sky diver for 25 years. second there is no way sky divers could move that fast not even a halo jumper. so basicly you have an couple military aircraft or you have some alien sight seers. eithier way you have a 1 class ufo sighting

  51. Scientific reasoning? lmao science is all based on Theory because they are to dumb to find facts. Anyone that believes god put all them stars and planets up there just so we could look at them needs theropy.

  52. Woah Look there is no way in that second video that if they were parchuters there is no way they could accelerate that fast how fast was that car going?

  53. We are like an ant farm in the rain forest people. Yeah some &quot;scientist&quot; would study them, but who really cares about the ants in the rain forest. We are just being observed and studied, by a life form or many that have had millions or billions of years head start than us on earth. I also think they could be fallen angels or Gods angels watching us. Maybe the devil is tight with our

  54. Okay, the user Whuffo Hunter never checked back, that makes me a little nervous. However, I hope that being anon helps a little with my nerves. Has anyone noticed that literally ALL the UFO sightings in the past 10 years have been near either a military base, or a government facility?<br />I&#39;m not pointing fingers, but I KNOW for a fact that they are hiding, and they are lieing, and are

  55. OH, and P.S. Aliens would &#39;target&#39; or try to complete an alliance with earth because in this huge expansive universe, even just our galaxy, a planet as delicate to support such life forms as we have, is not a common thing. Our planet is a very intricate, delicate, and actually in comparison of other planets, we are fragile. We have a fragile environment as well, and we are destroying it.

  56. a friend of mine just captured some footage of the very same left-pointing triangle formation flying over zurich switzerland…

  57. We have seen the same thing repeatedly over Spring Valley, CA. People see these bright disks flying in triangular formation all the time over spring valley and other areas of San Diego. Its downright freaky! Is this a new govt craft? We can see these disks overhead the size of a stadium!

  58. I&#39;m the person who was scared because that one user never came back. Just popping in to say, I&#39;m still alive! :D<br />Oh plus, it wasn&#39;t the pyro show, I live in Ohio too and I promise you the things people are seeing are NOT that. Also, UFO&#39;s are NOT just seen in USA. They are a world wide phenomena and are just as common if not MORE in other countries. Sooo, yeah.

  59. ok let me just say that if you dont believe in aliens why in the world are you on this website telling these people that its fake and they need mental help and they need to get a reality check and all this shit like seriously if you dont believe why are you looking it up? huh answer that. let them believe grow up and keep your rude comments to yourself.<br />they could be real in my opinion the

  60. I&#39;m not one for judging, but anyone who hasn&#39;t witnessed an unusual citing that makes the depths of their stomach quiver (which is called your gut feeling-which is always right-FACT), then they cannot claim that life other than human beings exist. I am open to the concept of advanced lifeforms but cannot fully believe anyone&#39;s claim/story until I have experienced it for myself and

  61. I saw the same triangle formation January 4, 2011 over Lake Worth, Florida. The red crafts flew right above my head (with no noise) ! I took pisc and video in my Blackberry. I have full proof they exist just never released the footage. Someone else recorded the incident and put it on YouTube. Dont be ignorant People! We are not alone!

  62. Im so tired of hearing people bad mouth believers. Not believing in Aliens is an ignorant choice to make. It takes a lot to come out and talk about something that not many people take very seriously. I could see how it&#39;s hard to take a regular Joe seriously, but Military men? Men not just from newer generations but men from WWII. They have no reason to lie and are more likely to catch shit.<

  63. At 7:30 on 10/8/11 at the citrus community college in Southern California, I saw triangular shape transparent object traveling at a fantastic speed, it had about several orange lights that formed its shape. It was flying as low as a helicopter and when it flew by, it was completely silent. The weirdest thing, was that it flew by one of the stars in the sky, and the stars light was bending as it

  64. i saw it with my own eyes a bright star above me almost 80 degrees where i am taking a thirty minutes breaktime where i performed nightly at Westin Taipei Hotel( piano player at the lobby)and That was August 29th.They appear as a 3 point delta lights positioning.As i watched the brighter one on the front,it moves in circles to the left,pause,then a circle to the left,pause the climbed at 90

  65. here are the messages from the lights that have seen all over the world.They are all monitors directed by the mother ship and here are their words to all truth seekers.<br />Greetings to all of our brothers and sisters.We are preparing you to be home in time.There are millions of spiritual beings are about to be pick up in the very near future.You gather all together and learn how to create you

  66. Thank u brother THANKS alot for being so strait and clear..It is soo needed and clearly an answer to,why they appear everywhere these days/weeks/month..Everyone will see everything very very soon and REAL love will show itself–Bhappy dont worry

  67. Here are the second messages came from the supreme commander Immanuel(Jesus Christ.);The time has come for me to stand before you my brothers and sisters.The greatest creator of all is my father which is also your father.All religions on earth are not created by us or by me.<br />Depart from them so chaos don`t fall upon each one<br />you.You been lied for so long.All human beings,plants,and

  68. These are the third messages from the Supreme Commader Immanuel(Jesus Crist);<br />As i lead the batlleship, the skies will be darkend by hundreds of thousands of battleships and the weapons we posses are millions of fold compare to the technology human has.I am here to claim what belongs to my father.I am here to meltdown all their nuclear weapons.I am here to disarm them all.All the weapons

  69. Here are the fouth messages from our spiritual brothers that are now very far above us:<br />Greetings to all of our spiritual brothers on earth.Everyone of you have the right to know who we really are.We are an immortals beings but we are just like you,and we are the brothers of Immanuel that you called Jesus Crist.Let all our brothers know about the rectangular lights.The brightest light in

  70. Wauuuuw its real.Been &quot;waiting&quot; all my life for these last couple of years.I knew it since I was 12years old(1967)that I would be here,when the spiritual &quot;revolution&quot; came..And the brothers&amp;sisters from other worlds were the ones coming with the truth.(we ALLE have it inside)-we ARE infact ONE..My heart dance from joy–THANK YOUUUUUU soooooooooo much—sis&amp;bros love

  71. Here are the fifth messages from spiritual beings far away above us:<br />The second light are designed to record all the events on earth before humans was created.It recorded floods,The ancient wars of the gods,the wars that created by humans where millions of men had died, everything that man created and do are all been recorded and not a single event missed.<br />Things that happened inside

  72. Here are the sixth messages probably the last one that i recieved from our spirtual brothers two days ago and today that takes more than two hours regarding question and answers about the root of the past,the present events, and the future events.They showed up to me as usual by my request and they appear in a single very bright star,the only star in the sky in tonight where i live.To all my

  73. Regarding to the events of lights formation or U.F.O`s that have seen all over the world,I would like to share to everyone who would want to know the truth about their purposes and why they are here all around us.By their guidance i wrote this carefully to not mislead anyone who recieve this messages.First i want to express my gratitude to this website that they chose for me to send six messages

  74. THE FINAL MESSAGES FROM UFO`s REGARDING THE RAPID SIGHTINGS ALL OVER THE WORLD.<br /> It all concern about spiritual human contact and awakenings to every individual.Almost all human now are already activated both bodily and spiritualy.These words that are written here are all mental telepathy contact guided by spiritual beings from the mother ship that are all our brothers.Many more, and more

  75. Some mountains around the earth are already standing by.Two weeks before any event occur they will send written words in front of any individual eyes for them to read.these words floats in front of their eyes that contain time and day for pick up.On that pick up day,blind will see,cannot walk will walk,cannot hear will hear,cannot speak will speak,joy will flow all over.From the outside,no one

  76. I have no reason to believe the above messages are bogus. I have every reason to drag hope and happiness from what I read above. I have seen this bright light and sparks when meditating years ago, guess it is time to reconnect. Curious though, your message says ten billion &#39;can&#39; be saved by the ships. The bible states 144 thousand………….and I wonder about my dogs? Sounds ridiculous

  77. Dear Brother Jeff,<br /> Here are the reason why as you read the continuation of those verses it totalled: 144 thousands.The main bridge of this purposes are written from the root of the past.In Isaiah 43:19….these are the words of god:..Behold,I will do new thing:now i shall spring forth;shall you not know it?……that is why things happened because we cannot understand all god secrets.As we

  78. These messages concern about the rescue ships capable of 10 billion spiritual human beings to be pick up in the near event.By looking back the foundation of evil tricks called greed,lust,and power which it spreads all over the earth back 2050 B.C. from Sumerian civilization where humans begin to bloom.Then after many years, the peace was broken, then wars begin.Rulers and Kings around the world

  79. It was skydivers from Skydive Elsinore filming for &quot;Fact Or Faked&quot; which was aired on the scifi channel. Look it up. I watched the whole thing from the landing area. I do get quite a kick out of all of you governmental conspiracy theorists! The &quot;comet&quot; was a 3 way linked freefall and then broke apart and opened their parachutes. Which gave the &quot;floating triangle u.f.o.&

  80. uh oh looks like we have a schizo in here getting telepathic messages from aliens :O<br /><br />if this were skydivers it doesnt matter to me because i saw a ufo at night, come from space with flames behind it, thought it was a meteorite until it stopped, wiggle around in the sky for about 5 seconds, then take off at an impossible rate of speed across the sky and behind the hills. my heart was

  81. I was pretty little when i had witnessed an U.F.O sighting.That wasn&#39;t so huge,it was disc-shaped,metal colored with shining ruby red lights.I just took an aback at seeing it.That really scared me so much.I reported to my friends about that and they I was a nerd but i did not care cause there is something beyond our imagination,out there is a new world.This may even be dangerous,they can even


  83. Just watched the footage and didn&#39;t see any divers falling. What I saw as they were driving in the car chasing it, was a steady formation with the different colored lights that were blinking and for surely moving ahead of the vehicle. The entire film showed the object to be in this formation through out.

    • hope someone reads this, my brother and I , have been closer , to a UFO than any one here, this UFO, came our of a cloud, about 2 stories high, my brother , was standing righ t,under it, i was standing a few feet ,away from , him,I could smell ,the scent, of dirty water, coming from it,It was spinng, wth white ,bright lights around it, it then took off like a light.

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  86. I am the one who recorded this video. The people from Fact or Fake are full of shit, since what I recorded was at a later time than they had said it was them. We were headed home to elsinore and were a good 12 miles away off of Ontario st in corona when we first saw a huge fire ball type falling down at a fast pace. It then split into 3 lights that started hovering. That’s when I pulled out the camera and started to record. (8miles) we were doing a good 75-80mph my mom was driving. Filmed it all the way through and it kept floating even after I stopped. When we were in elsinore it stayed around the north side of the lake before it disappeared…. I know skydivers since I live here, they do not stay in formation going up or down. They just go down.

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