Daytime UFO hovering above Russia – August 2011

UFO sightings – Unknown stationary object was seen and filmed in the daytime sky above Russia. This footage was taken in early August 2011.

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  1. I do not know whether older, allegedly lost civilisations have existed, but I really do think that sceptics should not only broaden their imaginations, but think again about the possibilites. We need to know the truth, to delve into such mysteries, in order to progress. <br />By reading this, we are using the result of someone&#39;s imagination.Anything is possible!

  2. This is a weather balloon ! They will throw you every time looking at them from the angle that it is.<br /> But I am glad it was sent in as this will help others see what this looks like and be able to not film them as a UFO . I stabilized a short piece of the video to see what it was so I am about 99% sure that that is what it is.

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