Unidentified flying object hovering above lake Ladoga, Russia 11-Apr-2012

UFO videos – This strange bright objects were recorded in the sky above Lake Ladoga in Russia on Wednesday, 11th April 2012.
Lake Ladoda is the largest lake in Europe located in the Republic of Karelia and Leningrad Oblast in northwestern Russia, not far from Saint Petersburg.

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  1. So gooood to see 0 fake hits for once.Cool people slowly but sure waking up,relizing they are real and getting closer and closer to being accepted by public-finally!!!!!Good long footage from Russia again.Be ready folks

  2. This video, if real is fantastic.If you have a good or large monitor you can see, at 30 seconds, an Orb coming to the cluster well cloaked, then at 35 seconds there is a flash as it docks or enters a field around the craft. Pretty unreal Technology to watch. Have to see the rest…

  3. tracy there true but we.re getting 2 many different types of sightings throughout our planet ? why is earth so important to these beings ?

    • it does seem odd that they have some strong connection to earth documentations of medical" procedures done to the human abduction victims as well as their "own species" might just be taking our natural resources, oil, coal, natural gas, soil, air, trees, our wildlife they certainly have taken over the web

    • good poimt anonymous never thought of that taking our resources i thought more of taking over planet earth to be honest just my opinion with multi sightings even world governments are worried .

  4. please tell us if your using GPS on your video where the object originated from, distance to and from and where the object landed thanks nice job filming this !

    • governments worldwide are scared to admit to the masses that planet earth being observed swamped with motherships probeships 57 varieties of aliens 11 stay on the earth 46 visiting .the crop circles are signs not for mankind but for different ufos earthly messages in farmers fields icey rivers lakes etc.as we.re aware if the governments told joe public the truth they.d be applause from believers

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