Daytime UFO hovering above Ireland 29-Jun-2012

UFO sightings – This unknown bright object was recorded in the daytime sky above Ireland on Friday, 29th June 2012.

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  1. Difficult to say, at first it looked like the moon. But as it goes on it certainly isn&#39;t. Not<br />a craft though, more like some sort of orb.

  2. its a ufo alien craft observing the area &amp; maybe your cattle go into sightings on google there being seen daily throughout our planet triangle types countless people videoing them distant &amp; near there areas. well spotted. im from scotland &amp; the sightings are daily through to england wales the vatican know about them also been here since before the evolvement of man.

  3. I have watched these lights for several years as they fly over Belfast.<br />I have seen them in groups of over 100. But usually they appear one at a time. They fly by at a regular times, i.e Sunday night at approx 10pm. Same direction and from the same part of the horizon.<br />I have been able to look at them albeit badly as they always fly by at night time by using a pair of binoculars.<br />

  4. Yeah they are EVERYWHERE this time!!! For a reason obviously.If not,what could possibly have their interest on Earth???? NOTHING here to gain anything from.No Spirit no energysource(ETs dont need that)they &quot;already&quot; have access to free energy in the WHOLE universe.travelling so called &quot;lightyears&quot; in a matter of minutes..Earthlings-YOU HAVE NO IDEA…. SAD SAD SAD hhC

  5. I live in Poland. I have also seen this object on the night sky. I was there with my girflend and we have looking together at the stars. I have seen very bright star, so I ask her what is the big and bright star over there, do you see it? She say yes, and we look together at it, wondering, is it a polar Star? During our observation this object start to move, very fast, just from the place,

  6. Another UFO video that does not show what happens to the object ha,ha.Is it still up there or has it flown away??Hey send this video to &quot;Chasing UFOs&quot; they will do some real serious investigation by running around in your field with lights in their faces.

  7. I have been seeing these lights for over 7 years now. The other night was one of the most busy nights as I counted 14 in a 15 minuet window. They look like stars but move about some quickly and some move slower, some have even made the effect that they were comming down at me by having the light become very big and very bright in a split second and happened so fast that my first instinct was to

  8. Lol, I live in Ireland, Its the Sun , we never see it, so its no woner people get excited when they see a light in the sky. – Seriously, most likely to be venus , looks very similar to what can be seen either before sunrise or after sunset.

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