Triangle UFO filmed near Millinocket, Maine 19-Jun-2012

This UFO video of some kind of triangle-shaped object was recorded about 15 miles north of Millinocket in Maine on 19th June 2012.

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  1. I would love it to be extra-terrestrial but unless it moves in a way we know conventional aircraft can't i have to suspect it could be one of the governments goofy drones or an r/c device. Why so secret about the location? Afraid nat geo's new ufo show might come visit you, lol.

  2. very good video of triangular ufo flying erratically over maine skies are these new military testing craft or alien guided craft the disappear so fast.

  3. Hold the camera steady! I just don't think that a UFO, trying to stay hidden for the most part, is going to have strobe lights on it.

  4. lets get our heads out of the sand. Why would the military be testing secret aircrafts over Maine of all places? The footage looks real to me. If the military was testing over Maine we wouldn't be watching the video at all. I'm surprised this wasn't classified as "Private Video". Good job guys!!

  5. Want to believe<br />Videos like this one would be valuable contributions to the study of this phenomenon/these phenomena if they were accompanied by more observational data. While the time of night was clearly apparent in the camcorder data on the lower right. the observers make no mention of things like altitude of the observed object above the horizon/horizontal, the direction of movement of

  6. Thats an airoplane you knobs!! light a the front and on each wing…errrrrr backwards triangle. I have seen a formation of 3 red lights, which took off after buzzing my neighbours kid while he cycled home 20yrs ago in western australia. This looks fairly normal to me besides not holding the cam steady.

  7. re danny dardans comment re ,my comment on it could be a military testing craft in maine im not from america im from scotland hav.nt a clue where maine is it was only a comment danny if you know the area being american it was only an opinion i liked the video alien then my friend .

  8. i know the people that video taped that and where the true location was.the person who owns the camera and his friend like most folks just want to be anonymous. and to be left alone and if you visit the youtube site where this was uploaded he disabled all comments. this craft these 2 guys recorded i do not know what it was.could it be a test plane of some sort? yes. could it be the real deal?

  9. If you wanted to go undetected, why turn &quot;on &quot; the strobe lights? Is it so that they dont run into other UFO&#39;s?. Maybe if they look like other aircract in the sky they wont get noticed? Comments?

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