Unknown object filmed above Clent Hills, UK 29-Jul-2012

UFO sightings – Some kind of triangle-shaped craft was seen and recorded in the sky above The Clent Hills, which lie 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) south-west of Birmingham city centre in Clent, Worcestershire, England. This was filmed on Sunday, 29th July 2012.
Witness report: filmed @ 2:50 am on sunday the 29th july 2012 over clent hills england
these lights arnt the usual police helicopters lights, and they werent sky lanterns or an rc plane/helicopter! it looked around 4 to 5 x bigger than the helicopter looks, after hovering for around 50+ minutes they flew off to the left………..
Author (keyproductions100 @ youtube)

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  1. Hi guys I also seen loads in the past few days x <br /><br />28.07.12 chadder gorge saw over thirty ufos the fields were allite up cows and sheep went mad, we came home early yesterday due to me being scared.<br /><br />Then last night in bromsgrove my home town there loads more in the sky x <br /><br />Something gong on guys

  2. this is my footage! it is not a fake! i see the police helicopter up there all the time, and this wasnt it, unless they have changed their light configuration and got a much larger helicopter

  3. They&#39;ve come for the Olympics!<br /><br />Her Majesty has already called 007 to the Palace!<br /><br />Well, it&#39;s as good as any other explanation.

  4. This same shaped craft has been filmed all over the world in the last few weeks. It makes me wonder if it&#39;s the beginning of something we should be more aware of and aren&#39;t being told about. This can&#39;t be a consparicy greated by so many people all over the world. I guess the crop circles and the Plains of Nasca in South America were also fakes. It&#39;s got my attention!!!

  5. Sorry but it dont seem to be moving except for bad camera work. And dont look like a UFO I&#39;m a believer there out there but this aint one of them.

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