Earth-Like Planets are Everywhere

This isn’t a UFO sighting, but it is very relevant to the UFO phenomena. 
On February 6, 2013, scientists analyzing data from the Kepler Space Telescope announced that 6% of all red dwarf stars have rocky planets in the habitable zone. 6% is a huge number. Red dwarfs are the most common type of star. There are at least 75 billion in our galaxy. So that means there are at least 4.5 billion potentially Earth-like planets orbiting red dwarfs just in our galaxy alone. Earth-Like Planets are Everywhere! 4.5 Billion Orbit Red Dwarf Stars in Milky Way Galaxy!

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  1. Nice, but unless there are whormholes-at-command any alien civilisation has a huge proplem to get around in space: distances are way beyond our comprehension and radiation and near zero degrees Kelvin makes space quite deadly.

    • It was also a widely held belief amongst the greatest scientists of the time that the earth was flat. <br />It wouldn&#39;t surprise me if there are at least 20 billion earth type planets in our galaxy alone.

  2. You are using three-dimensional, linear thinking to answer a cosmic issue. Your logic is based on the limited knowledge we have on earth, so don&#39;t say the aliens have huge problems overcoming radiation and extreme temps, when you have no idea of their advanced knowledge and capabilities. Their crafts here have already proved they have overcome YOUR problems.

  3. scientists do not understand other civilastions as a hindu monk aliens or whatever you call them are not made up of elements here on earth they dont need ail,water or other things here on earth do not try to compare them to us,they should use more sence than that,

  4. &quot;The moving finger writes, and having writ; moves on&quot;. We are on the cusp of gaining the key to inter-stellar flight by advances in String Theoretical comprehension, Quantum Mechanics, and perhaps even a leg up from visitors who choose to visit our humble little Blue Jewel whizzing along at untold speed through a vast and mysterious Cosmos.<br />I&#39;ll see you on the other side

  5. Since that Kepler Technology is so powerful, Why don&#39;t they point that telespcope directly to the moon since its so close compared to those red dwarfs, So that once and for all we may show evidence of the moon structures and UFO bases being discussed in those Moon Conspiracy theories.

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