Unknown lights hovering above Cape Coral, Florida – January 2013

Florida UFOs
TV report about the strange UFO activity in the sky above Cape Coral in Florida this weekend in late January 2013.
What do you think those lights were? Please leave your comment below!

Update: Residents Are Still Looking For An Explanation

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  1. Sky Lanterns hmmm ?? they were stationary, in same formation,all level not climbing or falling, over water with wind or breeze…yes I've seen balloons act like this….not

    • Have to agree with you &quot;Anonymous&quot; – the perfect triangular formations, all being on the same level as the others, etc etc – it certainly doesn&#39;t sound like lanterns to me either.<br /><br />Unfortunately, our society isn&#39;t ready for any real UFO/alien encounters – and some/most(?) will continue to deny their existence and brush off these types of sights as nothing more than &

    • Because they are told to debunk all reports. If they can&#39;t deny the report because too many saw it, they are supposed to mock the people who reported it.

  2. never sky lanterns why do people still deny the existence of ufos aliens they.ve been here since time began part of our world solar system etc thousands of sightings yearly governments know of them just blank media hype some could be there new technology ? or not keep watching them skies folks .

  3. They don&#39;t look like sky lanterns or Chinese lanterns not moving or bouncing around. Yes, it always seems that they bring in some &quot;explanation&quot; to make witnesses look foolish. Same thing a few years ago in Chicago where a sighting was dismissed at people sending up Chinese lanterns on a cold night.

  4. i&#39;ve commented before on how silly newscasters speak when they have to report ufo witnesses. i think they are either forced to behave this way, so as not to appear serious, or they are so freakin scared by it that to be silly is their natural reaction. as for all these chinese lantern stories, nothing could be more untrue. lanterns are made of paper. it doesn&#39;t matter how high they go,

  5. The Fox4 report is from 2012, not January 2013 which the NBC2 report is from! Why has this site posted the 2012 report as if it&#39;s part of the 2013 report?

    • because they don&#39;t care anymore bout having clever or serious readers..they just fill up pages..lately they they ve been publishing so much junk..we all noticed that..

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