Second Man to Step on Moon Remains Silent on UFO sighting

American astronaut Buzz Aldrin is known to be the man next to Neil Armstrong to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969, and he spoke to students in the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program at the University of Alaska Anchorage about science, including the topic about unidentified flying objects.

Buzz AldrinSpeaking in front of students gathering from the Matanuska Valley, Fairbanks and Bethel, Aldrin encouraged them to purse the study of science and to be determined in accomplishing what they are aiming for. He focused on his moon mission in which he was the lunar module pilot on Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in history.

Several questions were thrown to him which included description of rocks on the moon and the shape of the moon. But what made the gathering more interesting was the question if he ever saw UFOs during his landing. However, he remained silent on whether he saw one during his moon experience.

On the other hand, Aldrin explained how his background in mechanical engineering attributed to his desire of becoming an astronaut. He pointed out that mechanical engineering helped him get the perspective on flight mechanics in relation to spacecraft.

The Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program focuses on science and engineering education for native students in the state. It might be helpful to students aiming to have a close encounter with aliens and ufos. But for Aldrin, space travel is beyond what they could imagine. Aldrin has also retired as pilot for U.S. Air Force.

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  1. of course he's not going to talk about UFO's, and its unlikely he actually went to the moon anyway. the reason i say that is because NASA connot and will not answer the question; how did they get 3 men in a tin-can through the highly radio-active "VAN ALAN BELT" without them turning them into very dead lumps of cancer.!

  2. Sadly, while the other astronauts have come forward and admited what they have seen, Buzz has taken the vow of silence to heart. <br />Currently, this makes this incredibly brave, and brilliant man look like a complete, and total idiot.<br />Want answers? Read any of Lou Baldins books.

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