VIDEO: Triangle UFOs flying over Los Angeles, California 29-Jul-2013

Three circular crafts with triangle lighting underneath passed over shocked spectators after sitting in a motionless hovering position for 20 minutes. The objects which are too close together to be airlines or choppers must have been seen by many many more people. We would love to hear more on this!

Let us know if you were witnessing this in Los Angeles, California on Monday, 29th July 2013

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  1. The only ones that are likely to die are the ones that have anything to do with the evasive reptilian species as the grey's seem to be the guardians of certain paths of the known species of this planet earth…Just an opinion.

  2. Invasive are the "reptilian" species not evasive as they once were and the "grey's" seem to hold their position less they become tempted of the manners of the "human" species. We are ment to "thrive" as humans, and we have been so distracted by governing over or neglecting respect. So the question is, what and how were we distracted and what perpetuates

  3. If they were standing still for 20 minutes that gives you 20 minutes to pull out your cell phone why did it take you so long? looks like planes to me.<br />SE

    • I totally agree and yess you can clearly see there planes, You can see the light blinking as planes do..<br />I can&#39;t handle goose bags on this site trying to put on acts saying, its a ufo bla bla bla.<br />Get a life people …

    • planes and jets and even helicopters don&#39;t have solid white lights at the corners of the crafts. they have strobe lights.

  4. it doesn&#39;t matter if its a plane or not.if its a ufo it doesn&#39;t explain anything. i pesonaly believe aliens.ufo is for unidentified flying object it doesn&#39;t mean theres something flying in the air so its an alien. Just because the aircraft looks different does not mean there is an alien inside. Anyone could be flying that thing

  5. Saw something the same night from La Habra Ca 20 miles east of LA. 3 bright lites in a triangle shape moving from south to north towards the mountians. I ran in to get my wife and they were either gone or stopped moving. the lights went from real bright to dull and almost no light. similar to the nightly satilites i see nightly.

  6. ALL aircraft in our airspace are required some form of navigation strobes and this is taking place over the city at low altitude…we cannot ignore this fact. The three craft were at close range and absolutely no sound of a conventional aircrft was produced on this video. Those craft are very large and to keep a craft that size in a hover would thunder the ground. Well what ever the case may be

  7. I saw one in broad daylight in the City of West Covina. I was just outside! I froze. It was just in the sky, no movement, no sound. I ran inside my house to get my binoculars to get a better look and try and catch it on my upstairs landing. it was gone!

  8. Must be me !! Look&#39;s like a typical formation of milatery aircraft.I&#39;m soooooooooo tired of these short vids that are totally worthless !!!!! SPAM !!!!! PLEASE man !!! FLAG this shit.<br />

  9. Military craft for sure, but not ones we have been told about! I saw one EXACTLY like this over Van Nuys last month, my best bet is TR 3B or similar

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