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Your UFO reports: 22nd March – 29th March 2014

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Waco, TX – 2:30 am 03/29/2014
Red light make circles hovering

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Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia – 29th March 2014
While out for routine sky-watching, I spotted a slow moving unidentified flying object hovering in the sky due west of Taylors Hill, Australia. I first spotted this UFO at 2.45pm on the 29th March 2014. It seemed to be taking an interest at something in the area as it was vectoring through the clouds. I estimate a distance of 10km between myself and the object. The sighting lasted for over 7 minutes. I captured this using my Pulsar recon x550 fitted with an Infrared 950nm filter.

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Golden Valley, Az – 3-23-2014
So I just turned my light off to go to sleep when I heard what I thought was my dad yell my name I live in my own separate house behind them mind you so I ran over to ask my dad if he called me he was in bed and said no. So I went outside and looked up at the sky and saw this crazy light flashing in the sky I thought its just an airplane then that light turned into two and then three I yelled at my mom and dad to come check this out. He came outside and that one light was now Two seperate lights moving very fast and separating into 3 and four seperate lights this went on for about 7 minutes zig zagging and turning into seperate lights then in a flash gone. For me that was my fourth ufo sighting my dads second out here what gets me what called me outta bed ?

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Arabian Sea – 2-30-2014

Check these coordinates and you will find a strange object emerged in water.
A huge disc with ridges on top…What is it?

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Los Angeles, California – August 2013
I would like to share my video I filmed back in August 2013. This is the revised version. It is shorter and easier to watch as the original version was too long since I shot lots of empty spots due to moving around so much. This Capture shows the UFO ShapeShifting various times and then disappearing towards the end.

Youtube video link:

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Nova Scotia Canada – 2013
We decided to head for the camp that Friday on the evening of a cool autumn day and when we were in the middle of unloading the truck laden of camp gear.
I happened to look to the S/E and saw a huge pie shaped flat black craft measuring 50 feet in length and 30 feet wide in the distance following the power lines that run through the countryside.
It followed it for 20 minutes or so moving at about 5 mph. Then, when it became totally visible after partly being obscured by trees straight ahead of us about a half a mile away, then it turned directly toward us and eventually floated directly overhead and passed on over the trees behind us. It made a swooshing sound , like the sound of leaves blowing on trees, it was deer season and there were no leaves on the trees. When it was directly above us , I couldn’t make out any kind of texture to it. Like the bottom of the space shuttle , that kind of black. it had 3 lights one in each corner. i couldn’t really make out any thickness to it but it looked like it was about 8 feet thick, it was just that perfect time of evening when it blended into the nightly background. The whole incident took 45 minutes or so.
We were looking at it through the gun scopes when it was far away at first but you still couldn’t make out anything but the pie silhouette shape itself.
There were 3 of us and this is the first time I’ve told anybody.

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Zimbabwe – Google Maps
Hi! I found those while i was looking on Google Earth for some structure i heard about in an archeology conference (picture attached)

I was searching all over southern Africa and ended up in Zimbabwe. As i wasn’t finding what i was looking for i started to look around randomly and then found this spot. As i was really excited i tried to find other stuff like that in all southern Africa but after couple of hours, i admitted i couldn’t find anything similar to this.

There is one snake UFO which i already saw multiple time on video and some other strange activity around this spot. Theres many strange lights in this zone but much of it is light reflecting on rocks. Still, mthere are orbs (more like blue clouds in fact) that are clearly not light reflection, as it is not over (it do not “come from”) rocks or minerals (and looks straight like from what is made the snake).

The flashing point (point lumineux) is really strange and i can’t tell much about it, i saw nothing like this before either on ufologist site nor on Google Earth (but i highly doubt it is an camera artifact). The only thing it makes me think about its that strange angel-like UFO caught on NASA’s sun activity recordings (but i think it has nothing to do with it, the angel UFO was almost the size of a planet).

Didn’t knew much about where to share those finds but as you were the only site to leave an email adress to share content, i send those to you. Note that i left the locations so that you can go check them on Google Earth (there’s much more to see around, but not as impressive). I didn’t share this with much people so it’s still there, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it was removed however.

And also thanks for your site, which i use frequently.


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