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Your UFO reports: 1st March – 8th March 2014
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City of industry, California – 3/8/2014 11 am
I was driving in the montebello area I noticed a low flying jetliner, I became concerned I pulled over to watch the plane It flew towards the ocean .I then entered the 60 fwy east I noticed a very shinny object It looked like it lost control it hovered up and down then it vanishes I noticed there were no other airplanes around. wow whats going on in our skys

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Dunfanaghy, Co donegal – 8/3/14
I was getting out of my friends car at dunfanaghy golf club and through a break in the clouds I saw only what I can describe as a huge white circular object plane as you like silhouetted against the blue sky I shouted to my friend and he seen it as well just before the clouds covered it up.. I have no idea what it was but it was something I cant explain and it was huge

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Kingaroy, QLD Australia – 07/03/2014
Australia ufoAn object was sighted on three different dates over or just west of Kingaroy.
Dates seen: 01/03/2014; 06/03/2014; & 07/03/2014
Place: almost above Kingaroy, Australia or just west of Kingaroy
Colour: white or grey
Speed: motionless or perhaps moving south west at 4 degrees per hour WRT observer
Height: high; above cumulus and airliner cruising altitude, but within atmosphere
Time of observation: about 1.75 hours on 01/03/2014; 10 minutes 06/2014; & 10 minutes 07/03/2014
Picture taken with Nikon D5100, 55-200mm zoom @ 200mm, manual focus, hand held

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Fresno, California – 4th March 2014
5.40pm. partial cloudy day. camera sony trv-103 about 20 times zoom. 1 witness, me. object was seen in the western sky behind clouds. i lost sight of it and it vanished.

Youtube video link:

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Townsville NTH QLD Australia – 02 March – 06 March 2014
The same object has been sighted in the same location around the same time each morning and remains in relatively the same location (moves slightly higher over head) from approx 3:00am AEST thru Sunrise. To the naked eye it appears as an unusally bright star that seems to circle slightly and move up and down. It responseds to light being flashed/strobed at it by dimming/retreating. On video it looks like an acorn when close and appears as a bright green then violet when it retreats. Footage taken this morning 06 March 2014 can be viewed on YouTube as the file is too large to upload here . The camcorder was zoomed in only to get the object in focus not used throughout the clip. The camcorder was for the most part mounted (except at the end of the clip obviously)

Please let me know your thoughts we are baffled…

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Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada – 9:35 PM March 3, 2014
Strange object in the sky last night.
On Monday night, March 3 at about 9:35 PM as i was sitting in front of my desk in my workshop, I glanced out the window and saw a very bright light approaching in the sky. Leaving near the airport, this is very common of course. What was different this time though was in the brightness of the object and the complete lack of any flashing lights such as what would be seen on an airplane.
It appeared to be somewhat round in shape though it was more of a bright, roundish blur so no solid shape was discernible. Colour was a bright orange/ red, more on the orange side.
I watched it as it approached, coming in from north/ northwest and appearing brighter and larger as it came. As it started to go over the roof, I quickly jumped up and ran outside and behind the shop, expecting the object to be veering towards the airport. I then saw it further to the east than I expected and observed a sudden change of direction further to the east. Not a gradual banked turn such as an airplane would make, this was more of an instant change in direction. It did this twice, just seconds apart. Now heading directly away from me to the east, the bright object then faded out quickly over the next few seconds. Total time since I first saw it coming to when it was gone from site was roughly 1 and a half to 2 minutes. The entire time there were no flashing lights and it did not make any sound at all.
At its brightest, from where I was first observing it from the workshop, the brightness was comparable to a full moon on a clear night. It was far larger in the sky than any star, planet or space station would appear. Our local astronomer also confirmed that it could not have been the space station as the timing was off by a couple of hours.
What was it? I have no idea. It certainly did not behave like any aircraft I have ever seen. One other person also contacted me and described the object to me and the description matched with what I saw. And I had not yet described just what I had seen. He also is from an entirely different part of town than I am.

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Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico – 01-03-2014 – 08:44pm
UFO Fleet invisible to the naked eye is detected flying high and fast.

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Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico – 26-02-2014 – 08:21pm
This object was bright white, disappeared seconds after the light of my eyes, infrared was visible all the time, this object very bright and big ends in a tiny object.

Youtube video link:

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Glastonbury, UK – 15/2/2014 6.45pm
walked home with the dog….Looked up at the night sky i saw what looked like a moving star moving from star to star….I carried on walking and 30 seconds later i looked up over my left shoulder,and saw a huge red and orange fire ball streak past lasted about 2 seconds and vanished…it was that big and unusual that other people in the area should of seen it ..But nothing was reported…..I got home and what should of been in my estimation about a hour was infact 5 hours..Time went very very fast….

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Antwerp, Belgium – 2013 – 2014
Phil Schneider from The Dulce Wars and Alex Collier from Project Camelot explain The Alien Agenda.
Video footage is a compilation by some of the best videos from “UFOsightings2014”

All footage was filmed at Antwerp, Belgium in 2013 and 2014

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London, UK – 2012 feb 9
daytime ufoHi please feel free to add my video to your website.
I shot this video in 2012, but i forgot about it, and recently found it in my old backup drive and uploaded it.
Location was London, UK (Zone-5)
Year 2012

Video link:

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