Retired Yugoslavian Army Pilot Shares His UFO Encounters

The Former Yugoslavia
Suada Hamzića

Yugoslavian Army jet fighter pilot Sauda Hamzica shared his UFO belief and his personal encounters. He believes that space UFOs have been visiting Earth based on many accounts by highly credible people along with his own personal experiences of these mysterious aerial objects. His first sighting was in the early afternoon in the spring of 1972 when he was in the region on Delcina flying a Mig-21 on a routine reconnaissance flight. Captain First Class Stipic Dusan was at the back of the two-seater jet.

Hamzica was very certain that the UFO was higher than he was but could not determine the mysterious object’s altitude. Their jet was not equipped to fly at high altitude or at a speed over Mach 1.6 because it was only a reconnaissance flight.

Hamzica decided to fly high to the limit of their jet to look the object closer. As he got closer, the object also started to get bigger. Even if he was 13,000 meters from the ground, he still could not tell the high altitude of the UFO. He estimated it to be at 17,000 or even 24,000 meters high. He saw the object moved between 4,000 to 6,000 km/h or 2500 to 4000 mph to the west and disappeared.

Hamzica and Stipic discussed the sighting only between themselves and never talked about it to anyone else. No official report was filed and they thought the experience was part of their job.

Few months later, Hamzica’s second sighting happened on a beautiful summer day. He noticed a silver, round UFO above one of the runways. He was in a square with members of the 352 reconnaissance squadron including pilots and technicians. He first assumed that it was a weather balloon but it was too early to be launched. Moments later, he observed that the object was not actually floating upwards like a weather balloon. He shout out loud the word UFO because of excitement.

Yugoslavian Air Force MiG-21/F-13

Everyone looked up and some made jokes about extraterrestrials. However, most people around him did not pay much attention on the UFO and only few did continue to watch. Similar to what Hamzica first witnessed, the UFO remained in one place then it zipped off to the west and disappeared. Those people who remained observing the object got puzzled but only very little discussion about the incident.

His third encounter happened in late 1973 or early 1974 as he could not clearly determine the exact date. He was in a night training flight when he saw a glowing light. He first thought that it was a commercial plane but after a closer look, he figured out that it was a UFO as the light changed from light green, yellow to slightly purple. The UFO disappeared behind the clouds.

Hamzica said that after he retired from the Army, he had other sightings and managed to record mysterious lights in two occasions in 2008 and 2011. In both cases, the lights were very bright then suddenly disappeared. He checked news reports to know if somebody also had seen the lights but it seemed that the lights never appeared as no news about them in the media.

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