Triangle UFO caught on tape over Carrizozo, New Mexico 21-Apr-2014

triangle ufo
Interesting footage of an unknown lights in triangle formation hovering in the night sky above Carrizozo in New Mexico. This was taken on 21st April 2014.

Witness report: On 21 April 2014, myself, my son and his wife were traveling back from Albuquerque New Mexico. They had just returned from a trip and I had picked them up at the airport there. At the time of the sighting, we were traveling east on NM 380 headed towards Carrizozo New Mexico with an intended destination of Alamogordo New Mexico. At approximately 0135-0140 hours, my daughter in law noticed lights in the night sky and mentioned them asking her husband what they were. I didn’t see them initially but was able to after we came around a bend and could see over the terrain.

I pulled the car over to the side of the road and initially we were watching the lights from inside the car. I took a few pictures and then began making a video on my cell phone.

There were 4 lights initially that appeared much closer and much brighter than the stars or any ambient lighting. The lights seemed to descend slowly and also formed in to a triangle shape.

After a few minutes of observing these initial lights, a set of 4 more appeared. They were higher in elevation and also decended slowly. After about 4 minutes or so, my phone quit recording.

There were aircraft in the area. We saw at least two that were in very close proximity to the lights. One flew “between” the two sets of lights, and one flew towards the higher set but then turned abruptly and reversed course.

I found the sightings pretty intriguing. Initially I thought that they may have been aircraft flares but the movement in to triangular shapes negates that thought to a degree. Flares that I am familiar with are free falling, parachute suspended, and unguided.

It was interesting to watch them for as long as we did. Eventually we lost sight of them over the horizon/behind a hill on the side of the road, but none the less, very intriguing!

Attached are a few phot’s we took along with a video that is about 4 minutes long. The quality is fair for the video, but the photo’s are a bit grainy and fuzzy due to my unsteady hands. (Old age, not fear)

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. finally something intriguing..1st cos clearly isn't a fake, 2nd cos the description of the acting of other crafts passing by, 3rd cos yes, might be flares the upper ones, but in my opinion the presence of the lower ones and the direction taken rules out the hypothesis of, good clip, and quite puzzling

  2. are there any people out there who know factual information about how flares work and who know different types of flares? could these lights be that? if there are flares that hang in one spot like these do, (if they're flares) what is that purpose for?

  3. my name is Mork I come from the planet ork and I must admit I am the one that owns the triangular spacecraft welcome Americans welcome!

  4. At first just the lower lights are seen cant say what there from. When the upper lights appear then it kind of looks as if the lower lights are in tow slightly trailing the higher lights. That being said maybe its a Chinook Helicopter transporting something hanging from a cable? The lower lights are at the base of payload. When these people first see the lower lights and not the higher ones? If it was a Chinook Helicopter flying towards you then turned flying left and away. 4 lights than appear 3 are from side windows and spaced evenly 4th possibly the lower left rear?

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