Unidentified flying objects flying over Leon, Gto, Mexico 5-May-2014

ovnisInteresting video of a group of UFOs flying in the night sky above León, a city in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. This was seen and recorded on 5th May 2014.

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  1. sigh…. those are birds, geese, turkeys, ducks, whatever, filmed in night vision flying high above our heads. it's a very common, everyday occurrence, and the people filming this know that, they are making fools of themselves, because it's so very obvious.

    • Absolutely and totally agree. It is so blatantly obvious. You can see the wings flapping for pity&#39;s sake ! I suspect there is no sound due to the fact that the original photographer was commenting on the migrating birds, <br /><br />8 minutes of migrating birds. I disrepair,,,

    • Janet, I agree with you, those are definitely birds, but I can&#39;t bring myself to believing that turkeys could fly like that, LOL, that was cute. Not laughing at you, laughing with you.

    • joe, haha i just threw in turkeys to be sarcastic and funny! glad you thought it was funny also! (do turkeys fly??)

    • How do we know that these aren&#39;t actually alien space craft made to look like a flock of birds flying high above in the night sky? Remember, these ETB&#39;s are hundreds or perhaps thousands of years more advanced than we are. Just a thought….keep your mind open.

    • janet hosier<br /><br />These objects to calling birds were recorded on infrared vision , a common and serious observer can compare a bird , a bat , a rod etc . If I view the entire video , it was observed in the part where you see green video and zoom is applied, that most of the time these objects tend to be spherical and no wings, their perception are and of most people who do not do a

    • Norman rright<br /><br />Dude, I record the video, audio is not the size of the largest file would unfortunately have to save space on my hard disk to keep recording, if you watch the full video can tell that there is a part where zoom and filter applies for that reason takes about 8 minutes.

    • Iceni<br /><br />Your device is a camera or infrared night vision? I use a monocular infrared, we can compare their recordings of birds against my recordings of birds, see my reply to Janet

    • brainbucket1946<br /><br />Dude, if you know the Australian emus, you can understand that it is like ostriches do not fly.

    • Curious2Know<br /><br />From my point of view, you have a more open mind to comparison with others who posted it here, your idea is intersante and already had thought, well I think you can treat objects emanating energy, when the record, the first I pass mimente was thinking about birds analysand the video and comparing it with other videos of birds and bats, I realize that it is not birds. <br /

  2. I see dozens of flocks of Canada geese, cranes and ducks flying overhead every year, and my camera has always detected a shimmer affect, with the flapping of the wings.Which is what I see here. I totally agree with Janet on this one.

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