Triangular formation hovering above France 7-Jul-2014

triangle ufo

New video of a bright lights in triangle formation hovering in the sky above France. This footage was allegedly recorded on 7th July 2014.

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  1. that was very interesting. i was glued on it as it was turning and starting to disappear, until you suddenly and to the great annoyance to many watching, you stopped filming!! please enlighten we viewers as to why you did this! i’m begging you!

  2. I can’t say this isn’t a hoax since you cut the video so suddenly, that’s a huge red flag, I hope you realize this. You did a good job in the first part of the video, but if anyone saw something like that, there is no way in he** they would cut it off that way, not a chance. That in itself makes me say this is fake.

  3. It does look a bit like formation flying, but I do not know of any flying groups, military or otherwise who practice at night. Night flying is a specialised job and this type of formation flying would be extremely dangerous, even with computer controlled aircraft. There were no navigation light flashing either, which all planes have to use.
    Having said that, I am no closer to guessing what thisthey are than anyone else.

  4. the plane flying past paid no attention to the ufos those were not military planes unless they can hover/ intresting

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