Unknown lights hovering above Fortaleza, Brazil 21-Sep-2014

unknown lights over Brazil

New interesting UFO sighting was recorded in the sky above Fortaleza, the state capital of Ceará, located in Northeastern Brazil. This was filmed on Sunday, 21st September 2014.

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  1. he UFO experts are always talking about credentials of any person telling them about their encounter with UFO’s. I had a few of my own and told one person about a couple that related to their expertise. I believe these kids are being truthful as “out of the mouth of babes”. Why would they all lie about this? Why would a old woman or man lie about these things? I know there are people that have, I am sure, but not thousands. I only wish I would have been smarter and not afraid to tell my encounters in the 70’s and 2008. I am old now but those are things that stay vivid in your mind forever.

  2. we can’t tell if those are lights hanging in the air or something on top of something off in the distance. they do not move or jiggle one bit. and what happened at the end, did the lights just go off or did you just stop the film?

  3. interesting but no trees or hills to compare how high up lights are its just lights in a darkened back ground couldve been filmed in a studio?

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