1. Impossible because that photo is edited and doesn’t sign no proof because why would an alien fly around instead in the day time with its scanner lights on and why would it show itself to the public because most theories aliens come at night and are rarely seen in the daytime

  2. We saw something very similar to this on the same date. It was 10:30 pm on the freeway towards downtown Los Angeles. It was bright and it split into two lights and then disappeared. We saw 4 helicopters in the area looked like they were searching for it. Strange thing that happened was the blue tooth was connected to the stereo playing music in the car and it began to skip like an old record player and scratching the songs.

  3. I saw this too, except it was in the Bay Area around mid-July 2014. Same exact shiny ball deep/high up in the sky. It just stayed there for about 10 minutes. I watched for a while, should have taken a picture. I thought maybe it was something in orbit which was reflecting sunlight down on my position. Very bright, not sure what it was. I went to get a camera and when I came back I could no longer find it in the sky.

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