UFO filmed over Naples, Italy – 2015

Naples UFO

New video of a bright unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Naples in Italy. This was filmed in early January 2015.

Witness report: A super bright starship has been caught on video over the famous city of Naples in Italy. At an approx altitude of over 30k ft the ship cruises along the sky glowing an intense white, the cameraman zooms in and as you could see it is no aircraft of any nature neither is it the ISS. UFODI published this a while back but I thought its time to share the video again as its one of our most unusual sightings during bright hours.

Author (UFODI @ youtube)

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  1. That has to be the worst UFO video I’ve ever seen! Atrocious music, horrible camera work make for a bad experience. Shame on you for posting this!

  2. first of all, it is a terrible video. second, the object, WHICH IS VENUS, is CLEARLY not cruising along. whoever submitted this is either lying or clueless to think the public watching the video can see it cruising. i am astounded about what people think they can get away with. Venus is in the western sky right now and is even visible just before sunset.

    • Janet, you’ve come a long way since I first saw your comments a couple of years ago. Great deducing, and I agree completely. I remember you weren’t always so careful, and believed some of the fake ones a little to often, it’s good to see someone learn from watching these videos, and develop a much more discerning eye. That’s a compliment by the way, LOL

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