Rendlesham Forest UFO Sighting Captured On Video

UFOs over Rendlesham

Multiple strange flashing balls of light made appearance in the sky, and someone captured the aerial activity on video. The witness who identified himself as George Taylor claims that his strange sighting on video was captured above Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England on Sunday afternoon, January 25. Interestingly, the video also shows a military helicopter that is apparently monitoring the UFOs.

Taylor made his video live on YouTube on January 26. In the video description, he says that the sighting happened while he was walking through Rendlesham Forest. Upon seeing three mysterious balls of light in the sky, he had a very weird feeling that he should not have been in that area.

He then recorded the activity on video using his phone and decided to upload it to the video-sharing site to know if somebody else spotted the same thing on that day and time. Taylor says that he hasn’t seen anything strange for many years in living around Rendlesham despite its long history of UFO sightings.

Rendlesham Forest has become synonymous with UFO much like Roswell, New Mexico. Known as the major UFO incident happened in December 1980, Rendlesham Forest has been prominently featured in UFO lore. The famous UFO event involved military personnel who claimed to have experienced several UFO sightings over a span of few days.

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  1. Amazing that the UFO appears to have passed next to the chopper perposely which would imply that both parties knoew it was going to happen. I wonder if there was contact as the chopper turned back almost immediately.

  2. Rendleshanm ufo-incident, probably took place since there is a nuclear site near by.
    UFO activities have also taken place around American nuclear sites!

  3. excellent video sir must have interest to these beings rendelsham woodbridge areas lot hidden regarding the 1980 sightings so much proof & witnesses

  4. Interesting, but made me dizzy flitting backwards and forwards! Put it down to excitement! Pan slowly next time please. But thanks for the video.

  5. I’m unsure on this one. If I was the one flying the chopper I would not of turned away from it. But, that’s just me. The video itself isn’t that great.

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