Arizona Once Again Chosen To Host The Largest UFO Convention

UFO congress 2015

The Guinness Book of Records holder of the largest annual conference on UFOs and ET life in the world, The International UFO Congress, will return to Arizona on February 18, 2015. Hosted by Open Minds Production, the annual conference is already in its 24th year and the 5th time in the Phoenix area.

We-Ko-Pa Resort and Casino will host the conference, which will feature more than 20 speakers. Also expected in the conference are panel discussions, parties, film festival, experienced sessions, vendors, and a night-vision sky watch. The 5-day big event offers admission packages for those who don’t want to miss a single thing of the conference and for those who just wish to attend in the afternoon. For people who want to experience some activities of the conference for free, they can check out the vendor room, film festival and join the sky watch.

Bob Lazar will be doing the Q & A session. Lazar became famous when he put Area 51 on the map, claiming that he had worked there for reverse-engineering alien technology. Authors, researchers and television personalities will speak in panel presentations on topics about mass alien abductions, UFO secrets and UFO whistleblowers. The audience will get a chance to interact with speakers and ask related questions.

Co-organizer Maureen Elsberry said that there have made progress on UFO and search for extraterrestrial life topics despite the continuous decline of the stigma surrounding them. She said that the conference has been the ideal place where people can explore UFO and ET subjects in a serious light. She said that they are not asking the public to believe every speaker, but they’re asking you to keep an open mind.

Ben Hansen, the lead investigator of SyFy’s paranormal show, announced that the free Night Vision skywatch will be held on February 20, Friday. The latest military-grade technology from Night Vision Ops and Night Optics USA will be made available to participants.

Presentation by local musicians the Austen Mack Quartet, the EBE Film Festival Awards Banquet, and cocktail party are expected to add life to the event.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit more information about the International UFO Congress.

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