VIDEO: Strange lights in the sky above Longview, Texas 5-Mar-2015

texas ufo

Here’s a new footage of a strange craft hovering in the sky above Longview in Texas. This was taken on 5th March 2015.

Witness report: The craft came in low and slow, looking strange as it was going for a landing. You see it speeding up to near impossible speeds as it goes out of sight. I know People will say this is a plane, but ive never seen a plane like this in my life.

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  1. i can hear the jet engine. there are all kinds of lights on different kinds of planes and jets. what makes you believe this was not a jet? and what was that bright white light to the left of the jet? Venus?

  2. I think the “airplane” noise is freeway traffic although there is a real airplane noise later in the background.

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