Bizarre Lights Hovering Over Countryside UFO

Russia UFOs

Above a solemn country road, strange lights were filmed hovering the sky in Russia, which left the viewers asked if the object is a sign of alien life forming on Earth, or just a man-made decoration. Is it really a UFO or not? This is far the biggest question every time there are objects hovering the sky. But first you need to know what a UFO is all about. Basically, it is a general definition that may or may not be apparent in the sky that is unidentifiable phenomenon. Among the objects, the lights are one of the most common UFO sighting. The findings will not be concluded immediately because it needs a lot of evidences supported by numerous witnesses.

Let’s Talk About the Appearance

The appearance of the strange lights appeared to be white and is positioned very close in the footage. As they shine brightly against the darkening sky, the lights remain close in the stationary, which were recorded by the spectators, who were puzzled by the mystifying sighting and left them in question. According to the YouTube video and the information behind it, the strange UFO video was seen in Astrakhan region in Russia.

The Thousands of Onlookers

Since the video was posted to YouTube, it received 89,700 views from the people all over the world — with some reporter, analysts and critics saying the lights were just Chinese flare or lanterns. While others stated that it was another extraterrestrial life coming to Earth. With one reporter said in writing that the UFO reports could be the real deal, and is said to be genuine. The filmmaker stands on the other side of the lake while the camera zooms out looking across the deserted countryside. Is it really a UFO or not a UFO? Spectators were baffled by odd lights that were spotted hovering in the sky.

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  1. On the History Channel this week was a true story about a US jet that disappeared over Lake Superior in 1953 while chasing a UFO…have any info on this? Thanks!

  2. So many strange anomalies worldwide… Something strange is happening… If its not the military or government than is it that far fetched that it could be something other worldly?? Considering the billions of galaxies with billions of planets……. Not one of them sustaining life? Yeah ok a weather balloon… Easy for people to believe the bible yet impossible to live in reality with whole towns witnessing these things… No wonder the human race is not progressing…

  3. Too bright, in one postion long and too close together for Lanterns and/or balloons. Also, military flares do not stay in formation or in such close proximity with each other. So, I’ll say either a talented hoax or something not of Human construct.

  4. isn’t this part of the same russian sighting video a few years back? it seems the same to me, with the date changed. regardless, russian sightings are the best ones in my opinion. this one is awesome!

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