Bystander catches bizarre lights flying across the Argentinian sky

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Strange things usually occur at the most unexpected times in the most unexpected places. You could be busy doing your daily tasks when a strange object suddenly appears out of the blue, and if you are lucky enough, you might even get to catch it on tape.

This was the case for a law student named David Jorge Lazarte who was in his backyard in the Pueyrredón neighborhood when an unfamiliar sight caught his attention. He was just working out in his back garden when the bizarre scene unfolded before his eyes.

David stated, “I saw this bright object in the sky, looked for my camcorder and started to film, using my neighbour’s banana tree as a reference.”

Eager to catch the scene on tape before it was too late, David pulled out his camera to record the strange orbs floating above the city of Cordoba in Argentina. Fortunately, he was able to gather proof of the unusual glowing device.

“I have a tripod for the camcorder, but could not use it because I did not want to lose the opportunity to film the object. I recorded two more videos but they did not come out well.”

Fortunately for David, one of the three videos he took turned out fine. This footage shows the unexplained orbs rotating and moving slowly across the sky. David also added that orbs were heading towards the east.

Where did those celestial lights come from and what was their purpose? It is not a surprise that people are fascinated with conspiracy theories of unidentified flying objects, given the list of events in which they appeared. These strange devices pass through our planet’s skies and leave us with unanswered questions. David, just like the rest of us, might never know exactly what he saw. Maybe the orbs will appear again in another city or country, or perhaps this event will just remain another mystery waiting to be solved.

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  1. They wouldn’t dare fly over USA too much chaos. Lol. Maybe they should scare some people to realize there’s more than their selfishness

  2. With the sightings of UFO’s and bizarre phenom happening exponentionally around the globe and into space around the sun, mars, the moon, etcetera, leads a person thinking logically, that we are most definitely not alone..And as we progress,these events can only lead this logical thinking person to believe more and more that we are living in the end times and life as we all know it, will soon be put to the test when the truth is finally revealed, either by the US government coming clean finally, or real, actual contact is made by a ship, or a fleet of ships that lands on earth, and hopefully are friendly, unless they come in firing.. Either way, logically thinking, contact will be soon and forthcoming…And of course, the mystery will not be a mystery any longer..

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