Shock Claim: An Explosion Reported Over Iran Is A UFO

iranian UFO

Unidentified flying objects, otherwise known as UFOs, have been sighted throughout history, with one prominent example of strange shaped objects and luminous lights terrifying people on several occasions. While science was able to explain the streaking comets hovering the night sky, there are still incidents that are still for an explanation. There has been a bizarre allegation from the chains of strange theories. Among the many theories, one of the most popular is the world in late September. According to some beliefs, this is either a result of fierce earthquakes done by ‘Blood Moon’ on September 28 or a consequence of a huge asteroid that would strike anytime. Despite the publicity of NASA denying the huge asteroid that could hit the Earth, conspiracy theorists remained undeterred.

However, the most bizarre belief is when the alien invasion signals the start of the apocalypse that would possibly happen later this month. This premise is being sparked by meteors burning over the skies of Iran, along with space rocks landing. Recently, it has been announced that the incident is a result of a joint operation between Russia and Iran to destroy an alien vessel. According to The Daily Sheeple, NASA debunks claims that a huge asteroid would destroy the earth on September, but difficult to make people believe for some reasons. On another website, the meteorite was thought to be the subject of Russian action. Another site said that the identification of alien spacecraft is a newly created Aerospace Defence Forces after attempting to destroy another spacecraft planning to enter the Earth over Texas.

Among the many theories and speculations, most people still believe and convinced in the meteorite. What are these unidentified sightings? There may be no concrete answer to that traditional question, but it will not stop humans from wondering, is there anyone else out there?

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  1. planet x is starting to make head lines again as this could be part of the junk coming in with it as was suggested by some researches …it has now been added in google sky map.

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