YouTube Video Shows An Unknown Balls Of Light Hovering In The Night Sky


A YouTube video shows what looks like a reddish orange fireball. The video uploader Carole Thorpe said it’s the second time she and her friends had experienced seeing that kind of aerial ball.

The footage shows a hovering UFO that looks like balls of light in the night sky above a lake. Carole Thorpe said it seemed to be moving deliberately in a line from South to North. The object in the video looks to be shaking with lights flickering on and off.

According to Ms Thorpe, she shot the video at Grayslake Village, Illinois, at around past 9 pm on 6th September. The incident has been reported to the National UFO Reporting Center. Thorpe said she received a reply saying that they received reports that night, and they can’t identify the object.

The object was moving without any sound. Ms Thorpe believes it’s not a meteor or Chinese lantern.

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