Texas Witness Records A Video Of A Circular UFO


McAllen witness in Texas recalled a UFO sighting in 2012 where he saw and recorded a video of an unidentified circular object moving against the wind, according to Case 63070 MUFON testimony.

Looking at the northeast sky, the witness observed a round object moving from that direction to the north-northwest about 5 pm on October 4, 2012.

He used a Jazz mov178 HD camcorder in filming the object for under three minutes. At first glance, the object appeared like a balloon, but it did not move in the direction of the wind, which was blowing to the south.

The object seemed to roll with the corona-like pulsation of orange-yellow energy, according to the description of the witness. The witness added that the object then appeared to change its size and shape. It can be seen at the end of the video travelling back along its flight path for few seconds. It then making an 180-degree course change in a second, putting it back on its original course.

The witness thought the object stayed on its course towards the northwest direction, but it was no longer visible. The witness said he was not overly excited about the sighting because he has filmed other strange events and submitted them with videos to MUFON in the past. Curiosity was his greatest emotion than excitement, according to the witness.

Charles Stansburge, a Texas Field Investigator and a member of STAR Team, investigated the case and filed it as Unknown.

McAllen has 140,717 population, making it the 21st most populous city in Texas and the largest in Hidalgo County.

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  1. Another inflatable object just floating in the warm air under a small breeze.
    Object has a what looks like just one flatish surface that occasionally rotates to catch the late day sun which makes it look like it lights up.
    Think of sun reflection people.
    Just another floater in a warm region of the world that has wind and thermals.

  2. I watched something similar last month in eastern Pa. It was large spherical motionless for a few minutes, started moving in my direction then when I was showing someone else it reversed direction, moving faster till out of sight. I’ve seen many in Phoenix AZ over the last 20 yrs. Or so and in the past 9 months since I’m in Pa. I’ve seen 3. I use to report them but it was becoming an almost weekly experience. 1 was so huge and low and hovered above me for 5 minutes. I hung onto a fence I was getting afraid. I reported that and was told 11 other people reported the same in that area of Phoenix.

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